I am in love with my massage therapist

I’ve been going to see my massage therapist about once a month for the past three or four months. Every visit is better than the last, I swear. This morning’s appointment was awesome – I swear she has an innate ability to find the muscles that ache the most (and as the pregnancy progresses, these muscles have started hurting more acutely) and unleash a contained ball of flame inside said muscles, then push it right out of me. I feel so fantastic right now – for the first time in a couple of weeks, I don’t have that sharp ache in the right side of my lower back. I love my massage therapist and wish I could bring her home.

I also desperately want the massage pillow thing that goes on the table to accomodate for my belly. Anything that allows me to lie face first on my stomach again is heavenly – lying on my side makes my back and ribs ache, and I’m not supposed to lie on my back (the pressure gets uncomfortable anyway.) I miss sleeping on my stomach so very much. I look forward to when I am able to do so again.

Now I must figure something out to make for dinner. One of Adam’s co-workers from MEC is coming by for dinner with his lady friend. I was thinking about making some sort of pasta dish, since I do love pasta dishes (moreso now that I’m pregnant), and generally they’re a safe choice for people you’ve never had to feed before. I only save my weird recipes for people I know really well (like, say, Lorne & Anne.) I’m thinking maybe some Rosemary Chicken (to use my flourishing rosemary plant on the balcony) with sun-dried tomato garlic cream sauce on fettucine. Or something along those lines.

Hmm. I’m hungry now. Lunch then groceries.


  • mindexplodes

    June 7, 2008 at 5:51 am

    IF you can’t sleep on your stomach ,and it hurts to sleep on your side , and your not aloud to sleep on your back….

    ……how do you sleep? standing up ?

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      June 7, 2008 at 6:48 am

      I sleep poorly – wake up often, and by morning I’m very, very uncomfortable (if not in some sort of pain.) Basically I sleep on my side and stuff a pillow under the belly to support it, but at some point I usually push the pillow out and lose the support.