So I’m becoming more forgetful. I start to do things on my computer (for example, I went to open semagic to post in lj) and forget before I get there… I basically opened program files and stared blankly at the possible options (there are many) with no idea what I was looking for. It took me about two minutes to remember that I wanted to post in my lj.

So now I’m at a loss as to what to talk about. Go figure.

Let’s start with something easy. We went to see The Incredible Hulk last night. I liked it. The baby was awake for most of the movie, as it usually is when I’m in loud places (restaurants, pubs with live bands, theatres.) Yes, everything these days relates back to Ultra Magnus.

Sleeping is still elusive. I wake up frequently in the night to roll over and/or go to the bathroom. By morning I just want to stay in bed, but since I’m still working for just over two weeks, that’s not really an option. I can work from home occasoinally, and I’ve done so a couple of times, but there’s a lot I have to wrap up before I hand over my job to my replacement. Next week I’m only working Monday and Tuesday, and taking the rest of the week off to pick Adam’s brother Jordy up at the airport (he’s moving out here.) The week after that is my final week at work before I take maternity / parental leave. Scary thought, that, but exciting too. I very much look forward to the time off… need to clean the apartment and get whatever I can ready before Ultra Magnus shows up to destroy the place.

The other benefit of being off work is not having to focus on work – the forgetfulness is impacting me a bit there, too. I start projects and have some trouble focusing on them. I can’t imagine working right up until the end. I guess I’m not that hardcore.

Adam’s away this weekend in Whistler, biking at the bike park with Chris and Lorne (and Sean, but he can’t bike.) I’ll probably go see my mom on Saturday – my first attempt at driving the Car Co-op Prius, which should be fun. Adam’s usually the one to drive, but now that I have the car co-op I have the option of getting myself around.

I’m becoming hungry, and pondering taking a nice warm bath to relax.