They phoned me today to confirm my C/section date. Unfortunately, although I gave them my cellphone number, they actually called my home number, and I was out all day doing a maternity photo shoot with a photographer friend. They left voicemail saying that had the date, but didn’t actually TELL me what the date is. I called back at ten to six, but the office was closed (of course.)

Chances are good that they’re closed tomorrow, as well, what with it being Canada Day and full of stat-holidayness. This means that I won’t know my actual date (Ultra Magnus’ birthday) until Wednesday.

In other news, it is really, really hot out and our apartment doesn’t have good airflow. It is not comfortable. Also, my nose is so dry that I’ve developed issues with my right eustachian tube, which is blocked half the time and sounds like a dull, low-pitched roar. I’ve been spraying my nose with saline solution, which helps, but by morning with the fans running all night I’m so dry by morning it’s rather uncomfortable. I’m hoping the heat wave doesn’t last. Spending the day in Kitsilano down by the water was refreshing and breezy – wish I could get that kind of airflow through this place…


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Pregnancy update

I’ve unfriended this entry now because it’s confirmed, and not a maybe anymore.

Confirmation has been acquired – I will be having a scheduled C/section, sometime between the 9th & 16th of July (to be determined when they find out what specific date/time is available at Lion’s Gate Hospital.) The risk to both me and Ultra Magnus are too high for me to have a vaginal birth, and since I value my life as well as Ultra Magnus’s, I am not about to argue the point.

To be honest, there are two things that freak me out about this – a needle in my back, and a catheter in my bladder. Neither of these are really a big deal, though. They just make me feel a little squeamish. I’d love to watch the actual procedure, but you can’t really see when you’re lying on your back. According to my little ‘so you’re having a Cesaerian Birth’ booklet (no, that’s not the title of it) the delivery of the baby takes ten minutes, and the sewing up afterwards takes 20-30 or so. After that, I’m in the hospital recovering for about three days before we go home (will they have internet? Can I bring my laptop?) Then it’s about two weeks on pain meds, and six weeks of ‘don’t do anythiing too hard, like housework.’ So yeah, it’s a quick birth, but the recovery time will be a while.

I had been planning to work until the end of next week, but with Ultra Magnus joining us sooner rather than later, I’ve decided instead to cut that time short. Really, they don’t need me around to train my replacement. No one trained me, after all. Gerald can handle it, and I’m sure the replacement person is bright enough to figure things out – otherwise we wouldn’t have chosen him. And so I now refuse to worry about work. I’ll tie things up tomorrow and make that my last day.

I’m still not interested in horror stories and the the like, any more than I was interested in birth horror stories. I’m really not worried about this, and I’m sure things will work out as they should.

Sunday morning television?

I’m at my mom’s place – came over yesterday morning and spent the night here. I’m now sitting with my laptop in the living room with the TV on. They have Satellite TV here, which I am entirely not used to (what with my rabbit ears and sketchy arial four stations at best.) For novelty’s sake, I’ve been flipping through the guide looking for something, anything to watch. My ability to focus on sit-coms is about thirty seconds, before I start stumbling websites and ignoring the television. I’m on to BBC world news right now, which is newsy and which I really don’t feel like watching, but it’s better than anything else I’ve found so far. I should’ve brought a book with me…

Oh wait, they’re playing a Dixie Chicks video on CMT. This will last me at least till the song’s over.

How on earth do people watch TV for hours on end? It’s making me stir-crazy.

Just watch, though – give me a few months at home all day with a baby, and tv will look good or something. There’s a scary thought.

On the other hand, there’s pregnancy stress fun!

Last week I had another ultrasound done because in the earlier one they found that my placenta was low-lying, and covering the cervix. In about 90% of women they find low-lying placenta, it moves up without any issue by the 30th week or so. They schedule a later ultrasound at 32 weeks just to make sure. In my case, the placenta is still low-lying; I guess I’m one of the lucky 10% or something.

Anyhow, this isn’t something that I’m worrying about health-wise. The ramifications are basically that if my placenta is covering my cervix and I go into labour, the placenta can rip and both mother and baby are at a high risk of severe blood loss. That’s pretty much not cool. To prevent that, when women have this condition (it’s called Placenta Previa) they get scheduled for a planned cesarean section about two weeks before their actual due date. A planned C-section is apparently much easier to deal with than an urgent one, I’m told.

The midwives have referred me to a specialist – an OB/Gyn here on the North Shore. I hadn’t heard from the OB’s office yet and was starting to worry a bit, but they called yesterday, leaving two messages. At first they wanted me to come in for an appointment on July 2nd, since that was the earliest urgent appointment they could make, but a second message said that the Doctor really wanted to see me sooner than that, and could I come in on Monday instead. I confirmed that Monday was fine, so I’ll have that appointment sooner rather than later. I feel better about that, although there’s a hint of worry in the back of my mind that the Doctor insisted I come in early. Maybe she’s just nice and knows that waiting an extra week and a half would suck.

I’ve told a few people about this situation (mostly work friends and some other friends) and some have asked me how I feel about a C-section. It’s not my first choice, however when the choice is C-section or death, I’m totally in support of C-section. I wouldn’t go for an elective c-section, at any rate. I’m not a hippie earth-mother type who is going to feel like less of a woman and mother somehow by not having laboured to give birth (contrary to what one might think, considering where I work.) I’m also not afraid of modern medicine, science, or operations. Generally they seem to know what they’re doing (at least the specialists do) so I’m not particularly scared of the procedure.

To be honest, overall I’m pretty calm about the whole thing. I just want to know which way things are going to go – whether I need a c-section, or whether I’ll be giving birth vaginally – so I can mentally and emotionally prepare for it.

I’m leaving this friends-only so it doesn’t get ported over to Facebook, because I don’t really feel like listening to people’s birth / c-section horror stories right now, and that’s bound to pop up if it’s a public entry.

Oh, that’s what they mean by moody…

Had a bit of a breakdown in the car today. I got Lorne to jump the car battery just before he and Adam and Chris left for their weekend of biking at Whistler Bike Park. I let the car run for a good half an hour after they left, driving it around the alley a bit and testing all the electronic control things like fans and headlights and radio and so on. It seemed okay, although a bit weird – when I turned on the headlights, it kind of lost power for a split second before turning them on. Not a normal thing for Huffy to do.

After the half hour or so had passed, I figured I’d put the car back into its parking spot and shut it off to see if it would come back on again. I was hopeful, since I bought a new battery for it about two months ago. I put my foot on the brake after backing in, put it into park, and the car just went *poof* and shut off, completely losing power. I tried restarting it – it refused to even turn over. I have no idea why it would shut down so thoroughly like that – maybe the alternator or something? At any rate, I phoned Adam (who was already on the road in West Van by then) and told him it wasn’t working and had a bit of a panic attack on the phone and hung up on him, throwing the phone across the car. He called back (smart of him, really) to talk me down a bit and figure out if he needed to come back home.

At this point there isn’t really anything he could do anyway – I just want him to deal with the car, and I’ve wanted him to deal with it for many many months. I had a friend from work coming to look at it to consider buying it today, though, so I was just hoping that would be the end of us owning Huffy. The car not working just left me feeling utterly overwhelmed, so after I got off the phone with Adam, sending him off on his way to Whistler, I think I just sat there crying for about ten minutes.

I’m okay now, really, but would be thrilled if the car would just magically disappear. I should be able to find the battery receipt and get that warrantied, at least, but that’s not much good if the alternator’s dead, or if there’s more wrong with it that I’m not aware of. I emailed my work friend and told him what was up, but he still wants to come out and see it anyway.

So I’m sitting alone upstairs looking at the horrific mess that is my apartment, the giant pile of laundry that needs to get done, and worrying about baby things. I’ll be okay, it’s just a little overwhelming right now. I’m sure pregancy is amplifying the moodiness.

Have some Twitters

  • 22:12 I just sneezed, and it was not fun. #
  • 11:30 Think I’ll get a bike trainer… #
  • 18:35 Wanted to leave work early… Stayed late instead. #

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So I’m becoming more forgetful. I start to do things on my computer (for example, I went to open semagic to post in lj) and forget before I get there… I basically opened program files and stared blankly at the possible options (there are many) with no idea what I was looking for. It took me about two minutes to remember that I wanted to post in my lj.

So now I’m at a loss as to what to talk about. Go figure.

Let’s start with something easy. We went to see The Incredible Hulk last night. I liked it. The baby was awake for most of the movie, as it usually is when I’m in loud places (restaurants, pubs with live bands, theatres.) Yes, everything these days relates back to Ultra Magnus.

Sleeping is still elusive. I wake up frequently in the night to roll over and/or go to the bathroom. By morning I just want to stay in bed, but since I’m still working for just over two weeks, that’s not really an option. I can work from home occasoinally, and I’ve done so a couple of times, but there’s a lot I have to wrap up before I hand over my job to my replacement. Next week I’m only working Monday and Tuesday, and taking the rest of the week off to pick Adam’s brother Jordy up at the airport (he’s moving out here.) The week after that is my final week at work before I take maternity / parental leave. Scary thought, that, but exciting too. I very much look forward to the time off… need to clean the apartment and get whatever I can ready before Ultra Magnus shows up to destroy the place.

The other benefit of being off work is not having to focus on work – the forgetfulness is impacting me a bit there, too. I start projects and have some trouble focusing on them. I can’t imagine working right up until the end. I guess I’m not that hardcore.

Adam’s away this weekend in Whistler, biking at the bike park with Chris and Lorne (and Sean, but he can’t bike.) I’ll probably go see my mom on Saturday – my first attempt at driving the Car Co-op Prius, which should be fun. Adam’s usually the one to drive, but now that I have the car co-op I have the option of getting myself around.

I’m becoming hungry, and pondering taking a nice warm bath to relax.