Sometimes I really hate the bus…

This morning was a hellish bus ride in to work. I suppose it doesn’t help that I spent half the night awake and uncomfortable, but the bus ride seemed particularly bad this morning.

There was thunder and lightning this morning when I got up, which was cool. We don’t get that very often in Vancouver. It was pouring rain when I left for work, but still warm enough to be comfortable out. For some reason, however, the bus drivers on both buses had the heat cranked. The first bus someone had opened a window on, which helped immensely, but the heat was definitely making me queasy. The second bus, unfortunately, was a raging inferno of heat blasting in my face wherever I went.

By the end of the trip I was very nearly ready to throw up right where I sat. Fortunately once I was back in the fresh, cool, damp air outside, I felt immediately better.

I’m still not feeling great, but at least imminent puking is no longer an issue.

Ultra Magnus is awake and kicking up a storm. I think he/she may be doing somersaults.