Maternity Leave planning

Today at work I posted the job opportunity for my maternity leave coverage on our website. It was very weird. On one hand I’m pretty excited that time is getting so short. On the other, it is a strange feeling to post your own position online. My brain fills with all sorts of questions… What if I don’t want to come back? What if my replacement is way better at things than I am and work starts to wish they could keep them around instead? What if everything changes and I come back to absolute chaos? What if nothing gets done of the major projects I’ve been involved in starting, and I come back and have to pick up the pieces? It makes me just a little crazy, so I try not to think too much about it.

The exciting part, of course, it just how quickly everything is happening now. We’re well past half way through May. June is bound to go quickly. My plan is to go on maternity leave around the beginning to middle of July, since I’m due at the end of July or so. That should give me some time to sit around the house bored while I wait for Ultra Magnus to come out. Plus, it gives me time to go all nesting/housecleaning or something.

Speaking of Ultra Magnus, he/she is awake and kicking yet again. I could feel a foot sticking out of me the other day. I like to sit around in my rocking chair watch my belly undulate with the baby’s movements. Adam joins me regularly and stares at it – it’s more entertaining than any television I’ve ever watched.

I’m starting to worry about what we have left to buy to prepare for the impending baby. I think we still need a stroller and a dresser/change table type thing for baby clothes. I hope I have enough cloth diapers to start with, but I really don’t know if I have the right sizes – how do you size for something that you can’t really see? How do you know what sizes will work? I think for the first week we may have to go disposable, just to keep things simple. I’ll pick up some eco-friendly disposables soon. I hope to transition to cloth quickly, however, and I really hope to get a diaper service for at least the first few months.

I also very much need to invest in that apartment sized clothes washing machine. I’d like to find a used one, but I’m not sure if that will work out. I may have to just buy it full priced from Wal-Mart (it’s cheaper there than at London Drugs, sadly, but not by much.) Of course, if I had the option to splurge there’s always the crazy LG washer at 725$, but 370$ is pricey enough, really. The only one of the three portable machines I’ve seen that’s Energy Star qualified is the Danby (the cheapest of them, w00t) so really that’s my best option.

Yes, I will buy appliances based entirely on Energy Star Compliance. Now if only I could find a used one, or a reasonable sale price. 369$ is still a lot of money.

I really need to sit down and make a list of what I still need.

It is now time to corrupt my unborn child by watching Adam play some Grand Theft Auto IV. Wooohoo!