… and I was planning on going to bed early?

On the way home from our Prenatal class tonight, Adam and I had to pull the car over to let some emergency vehicles by. What we didn’t realize was where said vehicles were going. When we got back to the apartment, our entire street was blocked off by ambulances and fire trucks, and there was smoke billowing out of a building on our street. It wasn’t our building, thankfully, but one of the ones across the street from us. Adam had to return the car to its designated car co-op parking spot, so he dropped me off out back of our building and headed out to do so.

Naturally, being a curious sort of person, I walked out front to check out the fire. Half of our building was out there taking a look.

The fire was pretty serious. I could see flames and sparks shooting up into the sky, and smoke was getting everywhere. When it started to get kind of rough on the throat to breathe, I headed inside. Adam, unfortunately, had to walk back from Queens Ave. through the thick smoke. He was pretty worried about the smoke being hard on me, so we tried to come up with an alternative place to stay for the night. We did, eventually, and were ready to go to Lorne & Anne’s house.

When our ride arrived to take us there, we walked outside and realized that most of the smoke had moved on, and that the fire seemed to be out. Emergency crews still had the street blocked off, but it seemed that the major crisis was over. We decided to cancel our evacuation plans and thanked our ride, and Lorne and Anne for offering us a bed.

So now we’re back inside, airing out the apartment (the smoke smell lingered a bit inside) before we head to bed.

I was planning on going to bed around 10-10:30 or so. Oops.

I feel terrible for the people who don’t get to go home tonight because their place was on fire for a while. It’s probably a wrecked building. So sad. I can’t really imagine having to deal with that right now.