An update on Ultra Magnus

Ultra Magnus is frequently active these days. I sit back in my rocking chair and watch my belly twitch and bounce. I feel him/her pressing on various parts of my insides – the bladder most noticeably. My belly is also getting really large; I’ve found that I can’t see my feet anymore when I look down. Also, my boobs are huge, as spadoink mentioned when I saw him on Friday. Even more fun, my belly button has expanded greatly, although fortunately I haven’t yet had to pull out the piercing.

The very strangest part is knowing when the baby is awake. Adam will ask me how I am, and how Ultra Magnus is, and I can switch to this internal check and just kind of know. I have no clue how active is what one might call “normal” but I’ve got a definite idea of what normal is for Ultra Magnus, and for me. Right at this moment, as I write this post, the baby is stretching and pushing on my right side, just below my ribs. Earlier it was playing a game of press on mommy’s bladder – fun for the whole family!

This afternoon and tonight I’ve had a headache. It sucks. I took tylenol for it, but it hasn’t kicked in at all. I’m not really convinced that tylenol helps anyway. At least it never seems to. Maybe if I just go to bed I’ll feel better by the morning.


  • meisterdorf

    May 5, 2008 at 3:31 pm

    Thats awesome. I always enjoyed watching the wifes belly grow and wondered what it must feel like. Glad you are doing well. And now Pictures!

  • jenny

    May 5, 2008 at 5:33 pm

    Matt hadn’t been able to feel the baby kick yet, but I’ve caught my belly bouncing once or twice, usually at the end of the day when I’m muy tired!

    I’m sorry about the pregnancy headache. I’ve been getting those like crazy, and while the Tylenol does help, I’d rather not have to medicate :/