David Suzuki on Earth Hour and individual actions

This week’s Science Matters column is a good one, I think – David Suzuki’s thoughts on Earth Hour and the point and effectiveness of the actions of individuals. Check out out.

In other news, I have recovered from my migraine. I feel truly awesome – the lack of screaming pain is incredible. This morning I had a massage with my awesome massage therapist, who I haven’t actually been to see in over two years. It was also truly awesome. My back doesn’t ache for the first time in weeks. She worked out the residual shoulder/neck pain from the migraine. It was heavenly.

Amazingly, we are going to Arizona in just over a week. I’m starting to get really excited about it. I have my passport (first one I’ve ever had!) and I’m starting to figure out what to pack. It will be great fun.

Things are good. Ultra Magnus is kicking frequently. It kind of tickles.