Coming to you live from Arizona!

There was great adventure to be had today!

We woke up at 4:30 am and were picked up at 5 am by our friend Sean, who was kind enough to take us to the airport at that ungodly hour. Lucky for us, he was on time (Sean has been known to be tardy from time to time…) From that point forward, there were many adventures.

Our first adventure involved the airline. Our flight was purchased using aeroplan miles (many thanks to Adam’s Dad for supplying us with said aeroplan miles.) As such, our flight was confirmed by Aeroplan, who work with Air Canada. All over our flight confirmation sheet was Air Canada branding. At the airport, we walked to the self check-in kiosk for Air Canada flights and entered our confirmation number, to be greeted by ‘code not found.’ Our next step, naturally, was to get into the Air Canada check-in line to speak to an attendant. We stood in line for about fifteen minutes or so before reaching said attendant, who told us that our flight was actually a US Airlines flight.

Into the next line we went – this time the check-in for US Airlines. This went smoothly, and lead us to the next line (pre-customs check) which lead to another line (customs) which lead to another line (baggage check) which lead to another line (breakfast! finally!) which lead to plane boarding (huzzah!)

The flight was uneventful. The in-flight movie was The Devil Wears Prada, which I watched while Adam played the same level of Patapon over and over and over again. Not a bad movie, and one that I would be unlikely to rent otherwise, so that was all right.

After landing in Phoenix, we caught a shuttle bus to the car rental depot (which was a good ten minute drive away, I swear. Big airport.) We got into another line to pick up our rental car at Alamo (also booked using Aeroplan miles.) We stood in this line for about twenty minutes before reaching the front. The nice fellow behind the counter asked for the name the booking was under, and couldn’t find it. He then asked for the confirmation number. Funny thing about that confirmation number – Adam had called Aeroplan on Friday to make sure that the fact that we didn’t have a confirmation number wasn’t going to be a problem. They assured him that the rental would be there.

Since they couldn’t find it, we left the counter and went to find a place to sit down and call Aeroplan – whose customer service was closed, due to it being a Sunday. Yay customer non-service. He then called his parents to see if they could look up the rental. His mom said she would try to look it up and give him a call back. It was at this point that Adam started to wonder if he’d written down the wrong car rental place. Perhaps in writing Alamo, he actually meant Avis?

I remained seated near the snack bar with our luggage while Adam walked across the car rental depot (nice of them to put all the car rental places in the same building, let me tell you) to check and see if our rental was, in fact, with Avis. I have to assume he stood in another line – I had enough time to flip through the Scottsdale and Phoenix tour books for interesting things to check out while we’re here.

Adam returned, successful – our car rental was, in fact, with Avis and not Alamo. We went down the 3-level escalator to find our car – a nice, brown Chevy Malibu. We filled it with our bags and hopped in. As soon as we turned it on, the dashboard flashed ‘Change Oil Soon’ at us. we hopped back out and told an Avis attendant, who told us to take a different car – a nice, white Chevy Malibu. This one didn’t have any complaints when we turned it on, and so off we went to find our Resort.

Navigating through Phoenix was pretty straightforward, and within about half an hour or so we had reached our resort. We checked in and went to our room, bringing in all of our bags and checking the place out. The room, unfortunately, was not entirely to our liking – the promised fireplace wasn’t there (although who needs a fireplace in the desert?) the washroom was very wheelchair accessible (the wheelchair seat wouldn’t stay up against the wall in the shower, which we thought might make it challenging for me to shower properly (belly = teh bigness) and it really wasn’t quite what we had ordered. Adam went back to guest services to see if we could change out rooms.

They were happy to switch suites for us (it’s really a full condo, about the same size as our apartment) so we headed to the new one. We arrived to find another couple just leaving – they had also just checked in and were checking the room before getting there stuff. We stood there looking confused and tired, and they promptly told us to take the room. Adam went back to guest services to confirm things, and we actually did end up getting the new suite. The very nice couple who gave it to us noticed I was rather pregnant and offered it freely. They were really quite nice.

The new room has a huge bathtub (one of those triangular ones with jets,) a patio with some nice furniture, and the fireplace from the pictures. It’s quite lovely.

After dropping off our stuff and changing out of our sweaty hot Vancouver clothes, we went off to find some late lunch. Fast-food Mexican is pretty available around here. It was all right, but no Burrito Bros. After that was a trip into the land of Super Target. Adam didn’t believe me when I told him it was a magical land of inexpensive but nice things. He now understands its awesomeness. We spent money on nice clothes (maternity for me, stuff that fits for him) and random things we forgot to bring with us. We also got some groceries to stock the condo.

Now I’m online (10$ per 24 hour period) with the laptop in the living room while Adam watches Discovery Channel. It’s entertaining to have cable. It’s been a very long day of standing in lines and a comedy of errors, but all has worked out nicely.

So far Arizona is hot, dry, and incredibly sunny. I had forgotten what the sun looks like.


  • spadoink

    April 14, 2008 at 4:26 am

    sounds like quite a successful travel day to me.

  • meisterdorf

    April 14, 2008 at 4:50 am

    yay for vacations! I hope you have tons of fun and take pictures. and post them on your blog so i can vacation with you.

  • ashkitty

    April 14, 2008 at 6:39 am

    Target is a magical land indeed. 🙂

  • sirreal13

    April 14, 2008 at 2:28 pm

    J’espere que tu enjoyer la villĂ©giature en Arizona.

    When you mentioned the Chevy Malibu, I immediately associated it with Repo Man. I really want to see that film again…

    Target (or, as we call it, tar-zhay’) is like Wal*Mart with class, ethics and good values. I luvs me beaucoup le Tarjet… (et l’Hyper Tarjet, aussi)

    I’ve been to Arizona a couple times, but never to Phoenix. Enjoy!

  • mithoviel

    April 14, 2008 at 3:20 pm

    Looks and sounds like fun! Safe trip!