If kicking activity is an indication of anything…

… this kid is going to be active. The past couple of days, Ultra Magnus has been kicking up a storm in there.

Went to see Horton Hears a Who? last night, which was lots of fun. A bit heavy on the Jim Carrey in the beginning, but it mellowed out and got on with the story. Really made me want my books from back east, though – I know my copy of Horton is still in a box back there, along with all my other kids books. It’s time now to get those out here. Maybe that should be a baby gift to me from myself somehow – shipping the rest of my things out here. I think there are only eight boxes or so. I just can’t figure out how to make sure they’re well packaged (especially the ones with the old statues in them) and sent out. It’s mostly books, but I would be sad if the statues my grandparents gave me got broken on the trip out here. I should have fought to get them in the car when we drove across the country… too late now.

Sera is very demanding today. She’s been on my lap at least 3/4 of the morning, and only leaves when I kick her off so I can go do something. She also helped me clean up the closet, and found a little scrap of paper she wanted to play fetch with for a bit. (Yes, my cat plays fetch. It’s the siamese part of her, I guess.)

Now I must start some laundry and contemplate more organizing/cleanup of things. Oh yeah, and eat some lunch. Mmmm lunch.