zefrank @ Graphex

Somehow I overcame my panic and shakey weird insecure fear and managed to go up to zefrank before the Graphex show tonight. We chatted for a while about things that actually matter to me (like the social engagement stuff we’re delving into a little bit at work) and I even got Eli to take a picture of me with him, just to prove I did it. I really am proud of myself – I didn’t want to miss that sort of opportunity, but I know I’ve done so many times in the past with other people I wanted to talk to. Getting up the nerve to actually do so put me on an emotional high for a while. I’m so bad at the talking to strangers thing that doing so successfully is always a nice feeling…

JennyLee and zefrank


It’s snowing big, fluffy, light flakes outside my window. Usually by this time in Vancouver it does not snow. It’s pretty, though.

Due to the snow, I may need to go out and purchase a wrap of some sort to wear over the dress I am wearing to the Graphex Awards dinner (emcee’d by zefrank!) to keep myself warm in transit. I don’t think it would be a big deal if I were driving, but I have no car and no desire to drive downtown on a Friday night even if I wanted one. Since I’m on transit, a shawl (and maybe some dressy boots) are in order. Yesterday I purchased a skirt, a couple blouses and a very pretty dress at a maternity shop in Kitsilano (where else?) since none of my current pretty outfits actually fit me properly at the moment.

The belly is getting large, round, and extremely noticeable. I hope to introduce Ultra Magnus to zefrank this evening.

Speaking of Ultra Magnus, his/her kicking is getting stronger. Last night Adam and I went out to a pub with some of my work friends (including David Suzuki and his lovely wife Tara) where there was a live performer playing some guitar and singing. Since I don’t spend much time in loud venues, Ultra Magnus was awake and moving about the whole time. There were a couple of kicks in there that caught me off guard with how strong they were… it was really crazy. I’d be in the middle of a conversation with someone (yelling over the music) and the kid would give me a swift boot to the belly – enough to make me lean back suddenly with a weird look on my face.

Really, though, right now I’m loving the kicking and moving about. Ultra Magnus also moves around a lot right after I eat candy or chocolate. Naturally, I have a stash of leftover from Easter Cadbury mini eggs sitting at my desk.

I do need to pick up a prenatal yoga dvd. I did the regular dvd with Adam two nights ago, and there were some poses that I just couldn’t do (for obvious reasons) and some that I’m not supposed to do while pregnant. If I pick up a prenatal one, I can do that instead. I’ve also considered going to some drop-in prenatal yoga classes on the weekend, but haven’t had the nerve yet. I’m not great at going to classes and things all by my lonesome.


Okay, Twitter is starting to intrigue me. Should I get it? Comment with thoughts on twitter, should you have any.

If kicking activity is an indication of anything…

… this kid is going to be active. The past couple of days, Ultra Magnus has been kicking up a storm in there.

Went to see Horton Hears a Who? last night, which was lots of fun. A bit heavy on the Jim Carrey in the beginning, but it mellowed out and got on with the story. Really made me want my books from back east, though – I know my copy of Horton is still in a box back there, along with all my other kids books. It’s time now to get those out here. Maybe that should be a baby gift to me from myself somehow – shipping the rest of my things out here. I think there are only eight boxes or so. I just can’t figure out how to make sure they’re well packaged (especially the ones with the old statues in them) and sent out. It’s mostly books, but I would be sad if the statues my grandparents gave me got broken on the trip out here. I should have fought to get them in the car when we drove across the country… too late now.

Sera is very demanding today. She’s been on my lap at least 3/4 of the morning, and only leaves when I kick her off so I can go do something. She also helped me clean up the closet, and found a little scrap of paper she wanted to play fetch with for a bit. (Yes, my cat plays fetch. It’s the siamese part of her, I guess.)

Now I must start some laundry and contemplate more organizing/cleanup of things. Oh yeah, and eat some lunch. Mmmm lunch.

Blog migration, a week in the desert, and 20 weeks gone

So I found this tool that allows you to take your lj and export it, then import it into blogger, Live Spaces, wordpress, and so on.

So now I’m considering copying my lj over to my blogspot blog, as a backup and possibly (or eventually to migrate myself over there?) Not that I don’t like the LJ, because I do, but it seems that I could integrate blogspot into my website more effectively than lj… should I actually want to do that.

This could require more thought, and deciding what I want to do in the future with my website. The other minor hitch is that blogspot has a 50 post per day limit, although apparently if you ask blogger staff nicely they can lift that limit for you in extreme circumstances (like, say, importing around 6500 livejournal posts all at once.)

A trip to the desert

Our vacation in Arizona is coming up quickly. We leave on the 13th of April. We’re spending a week near Lake Pleasant, just outside of Phoenix, followed by a day down by Tuscon and a night on Kitt Peak at the Observatory. We haven’t yet figured out where we’re going to stay down by Kitt Peak; hopefully we can find something close to the park there for a night – a nice bed and breakfast or something.

I’m so very excited that we’re getting away for a week. I’ve been putting money aside to make sure we can actually enjoy the vacation. Since we haven’t had any time off together since just after the wedding, it’s really going to be fun.

A Hoover Epic Movie

Adam’s been working on a video montage of the mountain biking trip to the Southern Chilcotins last year. He didn’t actually get to go on said trip (sad) but he’s the most capable and talented movie editor and sound designer among us, so he’s taken Lorne’s videos and is turning them into something we will post to YouTube. He and Lorne were up till 2:00 this morning working on it, and he got up this morning and immediately decided to add more to it. I can’t wait to share it with the world.

20 Weeks and Counting

I’m at 20 weeks now, and I can feel the baby moving around. It mostly just rolls about at random intervals. The ultrasound last week was really cool (again.) Ultrasounds are just neat. We don’t know what we’re having, and aren’t planning to find out – it’s rare to have an opportunity for such a happy surprise, and I know that whatever we end up with will be just that. It’s more exciting that way. It also drives my mother crazy… sorry mom!
Feeling the baby move is deeply strange in a way that I don’t think I can explain. It’s light and fluid still (the kid’s not that big yet) and there’s no sense of kicking, so much as something doing somersaults in my belly every so often. Also, it reminds me of Alien. It can hear us now, so we both talk at my belly, which is highly entertaining to me for some reason.

Sleeping is awkward lately. I try to sleep on my left side all curled around my body pillow, but sometimes just wake up aching at random intervals anyway. Still, it’s far better than before I started sleeping on that side. My neck is permanently stiff and cracking, and the pulled muscle weirdness in my back from when I was fencing (the one they never figured out) is constantly a dull ache as well. Hooray for random aches! I’m also waking up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason (or just to pee) and then finding it hard to fall back asleep. Sleeping in is right out – I have to get up in the morning when I wake up because I’m just so uncomfortable from not moving around for so long.

I need to find more exercising I can do – I walk as much as possible, but I should probably try swimming, and I need to find myself a prenatal yoga class. Stretching would do me wonders right now, I think.

So would a good massage. I made an appointment for that at the beginning of April (my favourite massage therapist got popular! Blast! And good for her!)

Making room

I’m trying to clear things we don’t need out of the apartment. We don’t really have a lot of stuff, but with new stuff coming in for the baby, space is going to be at a premium I think. Today I posted the nearly new litterbox that the cats hated up on craigslist, and someone contacted me for it within twenty minutes. This is good. Next I should probably take care of the single Futon Frame sitting in the hallway. No mattress for it (the mattress was a wreck) but the frame’s in good shape. Maybe someone will want it. Who knows with Craigslist.

Now that I have a glider/rocking chair, there’s no room anymore for the papasan chair in the living room. This makes me a bit sad – I would rather not let it go, but we don’t really have enough storage here for something that big, and there really isn’t anywhere else to put it. It’s sitting in the hall outside the bedroom right now – I trip over it on my nightly forays to the bathroom. (On a side now, holy toledo do I ever pee often these days!)

I’ve also tossed a whole bunch of old socks, and stored all my ‘can’t wear while pregnant’ clothing. It’ll be like Christmas going back into that pile of clothes and rediscovering a wardrobe.

Adam and I also hope to re-arrange the bedroom sometime this week. He gets worried every time we bring something else home for the baby. We’re keeping accessories to a minimum, but it’s inevitable that we’re going to need some things. Every large piece is going to take some consideration first, though – deciding if it’s something we actually need or if we’ll be fine without it. I’m pretty sure that an apartment sized washer (the kind that hooks up to your sink) is on the need list. Also, probably some sort of dresser/change table for the baby. Otherwise it’ll be on a ‘figure it out as we go’ basis. Iif something comes up, we’ll have to decide then.

It seems like standard house cleaning and spring sorting and the like, but this is actually pretty exciting for me.

In other exciting news, I’m sure I felt Ultra Magnus two nights ago rolling around in my belly. Up until now I’ve only had butterflies – things that could be gas, or might be a baby. This time I think it was definitely baby. So exciting!