Something to pass along

I’m feeling more and more pregnant with each passing day – feeling butterflies that might be a baby moving, with a belly getting in the way of things. I’m still funny about foods – things taste weird, and I’m still amazed at how picky I’ve become.

Things are becoming more real… I’ve started thinking about how there will actually be a baby here in a while. I’ve sewed a blanket with Jessica’s help, and I’m about a quarter of the way through a crocheted blanket I’m making. The kidlet will have two blankets at least that I’ve made. The idea has me thinking that there are other things I want to make for this baby… I’ve had a few ideas – inspired a little by things I think as an adult I might like to have had. I don’t expect the blankets to last into the kid’s adulthood, let’s be honest here. I’m more thinking about something to give him or her when they’re older.

I have an idea of my own to start with, but if you have ideas or suggestions (and I don’t think scrapbooking is for me) please leave a comment.