Feelin’ terrible…

I was feeling fine yesterday until about 2:30 or so, at which point I started to feel a bit off. By 5 I was completely unable to function, and just sat near a couple of co-workers who were proofreading (under the guise of helping.) Left the office at 5:30 and walked out to the bus stop, where two of my co-workers were waiting for the bus. I was chatting with them normally, and then had to start walking away – I had that feeling I get when I know I’m about to throw up. I told them where I was going (so as not to be rude, and because I know they’d worry if I just walked off) and they followed to make sure I was okay. I did manage to hold myself together and not actually throw up, but they convinced me to take a taxi home. Fortunately, both of them also live on the North Shore (where I live) so we shared the cab much of the way.

Once at home all I could do was lie on the couch feeling weak and terrible. By the time Adam arrived I had camped myself on the couch with a bowl “just in case I didn’t make it to the bathroom.” Not fun. I couldn’t eat dinner, and had a fever. I eventually manage to throw up, which left me feeling weak and shaky and generally unwell, but it was a little better than the overwhelming queasiness. The fever came and went throughout the night.

Woke up this morning to heaps of snow outside, and I still felt pretty crappy, so I called in sick and spent the day recuperating. Judging by the news, it was a good choice. Transit was apparently awful all day. Vancouver doesn’t have snow-handling capabilities.

This evening I’m feeling much better – I’ve eaten this afternoon without adverse effect. The muddy head and queasy feeling has gone, as well as the fever. I’ll be going to work tomorrow, barring some horrible relapse.

Maybe this is to make up for the lack of morning sickness.

Sunny Sunday morning

It snowed yesterday and the mountains have a love dusting of white on them. We had planned to go snowshoeing with friends today, but we haven’t heard from them, so it’s looking highly unlikely now. It’s weird not to have heard from them; I hope everything is okay. Unfortunately for us, snowshoeing isn’t a great option on our own, as we have no vehicle and all the car co-op vehicles were already signed out for the weekend (probably by the skiers….)

Since there is very little of my usual outdoor activity that I’m allowed to do these days (no biking being the big one) snowshoeing has taken over as my primary form of exercise. Well, that and a daily walk. I’ve been going out for walks on my lunch hour with a girl at work, and trying to get a walk in on weekends with Adam or anyone else who drops by. I’m also hoping to join a prenatal yoga class – regular yoga got really difficult when the belly showed up, so prenatal is the way to go I think.

My ultrasound is scheduled for the 20th of February. That’ll be the 19th week, I think. There should be plenty to see.

I need to get out and take some pictures again. It’s been AGES.

I’m not crazy… just pregnant

I feel like I should really be chronicling the pregnancy thing a little more than I have been, so here’s some info on how things are going.

People have always talked about food cravings when you’re pregnant. As far as I can tell, I don’t so much get food cravings, as I absolutely loathe all foods except for one or two things. It’s to the point that I can’t bring myself to eat anything, really, except for cheese and canned peaches (or other canned fruit, but preferably peaches.) Foods that I normally enjoy are completely out of the question. Today we made perogies for lunch, and I could barely get through two before I told Adam I couldn’t eat them. That left me eating a can of peaches, and later, a fruit smoothie and some old cheddar.

It’s been like that all week. Food is something I can barely tolerate. I call it the anti-cravings.

An investment in used Maternity clothing has been good for me. None of my pants fit by the beginning of January – I was having serious comfort and self-esteem issues (just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you want to look like your pants are very obviously two sizes too small) but the advent of maternity pants and properly sized shirts with room to grow in the front has been grand. Seriously, it’s awesome. Pants that fit are the best thing ever.

Now that I have a sewing machine, I’m going to attempt to learn how to use it. I bought a couple of easy patterns to sew, and now I just need some material and someone to show me how to use the pattern. I haven’t yet found the ambition to crochet a blanket, although I do have the intention of doing so. I’m starting to come out of the exhausted stage of pregnancy, and now that I’m back to four day work weeks (hooray!) I hope to have some more time to get things like that done. Won’t have time after Ultra Magnus is born, after all.

I’ve started slowly acquiring useful things for when the baby arrives, too. Mom gave us a bassinet and a rocker swing, plus a bunch of onesies.

I still really want the thinkgeek “Geek Inside” Maternity t-shirt. Sadly, it is out of stock. I also want the I TCP/IP creeper. That’s in stock, but shipping would cost more than the item itself.

Life is interesting.

There’s probably something to say…

Tomorrow I start a new contract at work – I’ll be going full time as web assistant, instead of splitting my time in half between reception and web assistant. It will last for at least three months, and then I guess we’ll see what happens after that.

There are a lot of reasons for me to do this.

First off, it’s a nice change from being reception. Eventually, answering phones is just plain dull – even though I did take on lots of other things that made the job more interesting (and thusly myself more useful, to the point that they’re afraid of me not being in that position it seems) and I actually enjoyed the job quite a bit. Still, answering phones gets dull.

Then there’s the fact that web assistant pays more. All things considered, I have a baby coming. More pay is a good thing. Maybe there’s more room to move within the department, as well… don’t really know that for sure right now.

There’s also the flexibility I have with web that is simply not there at reception. I can leave early or come in late when I have appointments. I can make up time, and work from home if needed. I don’t have to arrange for someone to be there to cover for me when I’m sick. It is handy, when pregnant, to not have to be on such a tight schedule of 8:30 – 5:30.

And of course this also gives me the opportunity to go back to a four day work week. I had been working five days a week the the last eight months – I was tired out, and really wanted the chance to rest, especially with the pregancy. So I’m back to a Monday to Thursday work schedule, and I have Fridays to get things done as needed, and the rest of the weekend to relax. Or however it works out.

I miss biking. I can’t mountain bike (obviously) or even commute anymore. I went snowshoeing yesterday with some mountain biking girls, which was fun and all, but it’s not biking. The weather has been terrible for riding (as in, you should avoid the trails due to extreme waterloggedness) so no one’s really been riding, but it’s starting to sink in to me that there is no biking any time in my near future. I don’t know when I’ll be able to ride again. There are plans for a Muddbunnies trip to Silver Star Mountain Bike Park in August. I’d love to think I could go, but I’m pretty much certain I won’t be up to biking yet by then, what with the due date being late July and all.

I met with a midwife last Tuesday, which was really neat. She had a machine that could hear the baby’s heartbeat – there’s some weird static interference in my apartment (they come to your home to meet with you) so it was really hard to make out, but it was there. Hopefully next time Adam will be there, and the heartbeat will be a lot more apparent. The next appointment is February 13th.

Muppet news flash!

I’m pregnant. Pre-baby’s name is………. ULTRA MAGNUS!

Guess I’ll have to start picking up Sesame Street on DVD, since we don’t get any stations with our rabbit ears…

Here’s kermit to follow up with a story about Jack & Jill: