Weirdness and pregnancy

I am moody – not all that weird. My lack of morning sickness hasn’t bothered me at all, but the people who freak out and call me strange when they learn that I don’t have said morning sickness is starting to make me feel like the whole ‘pregnant’ thing is really just a hoax – like I’m not really pregnant, it was a false positive or my body’s just acting insane for no reason.

Nothing like not believing you’re actually pregnant! At some point I’ll probably believe it. Just not quite yet. It’s all well and good that Adam’s all over the concept… I guess I need more sinking in or something.

And no, this doesn’t mean that I want morning sickness, thanks.

My sleep has been weird, in the sense that I’ve needed a lot more of it. Plus, I’m apparently more active than usual in my sleep – tossing around and making lots of noise, Adam tells me. My dreams have definitely been strange, although I don’t really remember much of them. They’re not linear at all (my dreams often are at least tenuously linear) and they’re full of random people. Plus I snap awake sometimes in the middle of the night, then fall right back to sleep. Last night I woke up needing water desperately. And every morning I wake up with a dry, almost sore throat. I may have to ask Adam not to turn the fan on at night anymore. Maybe that will help.

This morning I have a headache, and I might be catching some sort of cold. I’m sincerely hoping not, since cold meds aren’t something I plan to take.