Saturday Ride

The ride was good – we started in the Seymour headwaters park and went across a bunch of trails to the Bridle Path, then back to our friend Lorne’s house to dry off. It wasn’t raining, but the mountains are wet and we forded a couple of streams, which is never a dry event. I’m hoping we can keep up with riding maybe once a week so that we can get some of the great shape we had in the early summer back. I felt pretty good then.

I’m tired out right now, however. I was falling asleep at Lorne’s place while we waited for some clothes to dry… watching Maggie and the Ferocious Beast with Lorne’s son Owen.

The other day Adam and I watched Meet the Feebles. It was disturbing. We also rented 1408, which was really good. Tonight we have Blades of Glory, for something totally light and silly. Hopefully I can stay awake through it.