Monday evening update

Happy Oki-day!

I’m watching Adam play God of War II. Shawn just took an apartment, so he’ll be moving there in a couple of weeks, which is good for him and for us. And Dayle, who has finally stopped watching him sleep every night, I think.

Adam’s been ongoingly not well. Not exactly sick, but not well – he’s in pain regularly it seems. It’s difficult to see him like that and not be able to do anything for him. I think he may be coming to terms with the chronic nature of his health issues, though, which is better than nothing – it’s less trying on his emotional well being if he isn’t depressed over it. If it’s to be a chronic problem that he, and by extension I, have to deal with in the long term, not being depressed about it is the first thing that has to occur.

Or something.

At any rate, life is moving on and we’re handling things as they happen. I’ll have been at my current job for a year come mid-October, which is nearly a record for me. I’m happy there and have no intention of going anywhere for the time being. I foresee no real need to leave at this point, and that is an awesome feeling. Seriously. It’s been a while. Granted, work is going through some interesting transitions, but I almost feel like that’s exciting rather than frustrating – it’s just cool to be a part of things that are changing and growing, and to be able to help shape some of it.

It’s nearly bedtime, and I think tomorrow I’ll bike to work unless it’s raining, so I am off to sleep.