Shawn got a job. He’s hoping to find an apartment by the end of September, so he can stop living on our couch. That would be a good thing for all involved parties. The amusing thing is he’s working on Grouse Mountain – the same place I got my first job when I moved to the Lower Mainland. He’s got a better job than I got, though, which is good. Pay is better, and it’s more interesting – he gets to be a trammie. I wanted to be a trammie.

It’s cloudy, and we’re about to go rollerblading in stanley park with Chris and Jinni. I haven’t bladed since last year… this should be fun.

And now, random cat meme.

Your Score: Exalted Litter Guard

Chances of becoming someone’s kittylitter: 17%

Congrats! Assuming you didn’t lie AT ALL while taking this test, you’ll probably be put in charge of guarding the litter box against saboteurs, and you might even get some of that Special Tuna in your bowl every-so-often! Life’ll be good for you in the Cat’s Republic of Meow! (It’s also very possible that you’re already working for the cats, and helping them begin their bid for the takeover of Earth…)

(If you like learning stuff, check out A Brief History of House Cats at!)

Link: The When the Cats Take Over Test written by rrr99 on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test