Random thoughts on a Friday night

We went for a ride on Burnaby tonight. It was a good ride.

I’ve extended my contract at work doing the web stuff. It means I’m still doing five day weeks for the next six months. Kind of unfortunate in the sense that I really like the four day workweek, but I didn’t want to give up the communications work I was doing and didn’t have another option to hang on to it. And so I’m a normal five day a week chump. Go me.

Tomorrow I plan to do the CBC trail day pre-hike and then help Anne garden.

Adam’s been sick again lately. He’s been super frustrated about it, and getting really stressed out about it. Extra stress on top of everything else that’s bothering him these days… I don’t know. It’s just challenging or something. I’m tired.

Huffy’s been acting funny lately, and we’re trying to decide how to deal with a car that’s aging and not meeting our actual needs. We’re seriously considering the Car Co-op. The front left tire loosened for no apparent reason and nearly fell off as we were driving down the highway. It was fun, really. Thankfully we had BCAA and they came to help us.

I’m tired. I think it’s bedtime.

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