Photos from our biking trip to the south Chilcotins

I’ve been so disconnected lately. I don’t feel like posting anything, but I’m starting to feel weird about not being connected to people anymore – like if I don’t post then I’ll be forgotten. A bit pathetic of me, but hey.

I really do want to write about the mountain bike trip in the chilcotins. It was awesome, and it was incredibly difficult. I took many photos, which are all online of course:

We did 99.5 km over five days of riding in mountainous terrain. We went over three passes and down into three valleys. We gained something like 700 metres of elevation three times or so. And I was the slowest on the uphill, and just generally at the back of the group the whole time, but I was out there and I did it – so I’m rather impressed with myself.

Unfortunately for me, I’ve been back home for two weeks now, and I’ve spent this week back at work, and I feel slow and tired and fat and insecure. Oh yeah and I’m pretty sure no one likes me. Logically speaking I know better. Emotionally I haven’t quite convinced myself.

It’s been nice to be back at work. I have to make a decision by Monday whether I want to keep both jobs I have at work and continue with a five day work week. I don’t really want to give up the Communications work – it’s interesting and makes me feel like I’m more connected to a team, instead of working on my own. The Admin stuff is pretty solitary – I talk to lots of people on the phone, but I don’t work directly with people. I kind of like doing that. But I’m also tired, and I really enjoyed having four day work weeks, and having Friday all to myself to do whatever I wanted, all alone. I miss that. But I make more working the five days, which is helpful, and I like doing the communications job. Yeah. I don’t know. I’ll probably keep the five days, I guess. I do miss my Fridays, though.

Shawn (Adam’s brother) is currently living with us until he finds a place and/or job. Job might turn out to be easier to find than place, as he owns two cats and wants to spend $700/mo. and not in Surrey (or outlying areas, including Coquitlam and Port Moody and so on. North Van okay.)

I am now very sleepy and kind of grumpy. I think I shall go to bed before I get annoyed at things.

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  • Anonymous

    August 25, 2007 at 5:28 am

    Great shots…the scenery looks pretty testing of the bicycling stamina.