Ow… a biking accident in Kitsilano

Biked to and from work again today. I rode down a hill towards the Burrard bridge (1st of two bridges I cross) at a reasonable pace. Was coming up on a light, slowing down, when I noticed a girl on another bike slowly making a left into my lane. She was looking behind her and waving at someone, so she didn’t actually look before she turned, and I didn’t have enough time to get out of the way… tried to swerve, but smashed into her back tire anyway and went over the handlebars, getting tangled up in my bike.

Pavement sucks. I’m bruised and scraped, but otherwise okay I think. My elbow hurts a bit, but I probably just banged it off the road.

The girl I hit was fine, didn’t even get knocked off her bike I don’t think. She let me in to her apartment (we were right across the street from it) where I washed all the bike grease off from getting all tangled up in my bike and gave me her number in case the repairs for my bike are pricey.

The bike itself is mostly okay, I think, except for the front tire. The wheel is no longer true, so it rubs funny and looks a little warped. Might be a spoke problem, or could be a bent rim. The rim itself has a gouge in it and it scraping the brake pad.

As for me, I’ve got some road rash and blooming bruises on my left hip, right thigh, and left elbow and wrist. Oh yeah, and it hurts to bend my left elbow totally. I’ll have to ice it after dinner.


  • sirreal13

    August 3, 2007 at 3:04 am

    Thank god you’re mostly OK. I hope the ditzy biker learned her lesson…

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      August 4, 2007 at 5:00 am

      I think so… she seemed pretty apologetic about the whole thing. It really only takes one little accident like that to wake you up, and fortunately it wasn’t a car that ran her down, but little old mountain biker me (on a road bike but hey, I’m still used to wipeouts.)

      I’m rather glad to be mostly ok too. Couldn’t afford major injuries this close to the Big Wild Chilcotins trip – I leave next Tuesday!

  • drtrauma

    August 3, 2007 at 1:23 pm


    that sucks!

    I’m glad you’re mostly okay though. It could have been much worse I’d wager.

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      August 4, 2007 at 5:02 am

      It definitely could have been worse – could’ve been a car, or I could’ve not braked at all, or been moving faster, or any number of other things. I’m a bit used to being bruised up with all the mountain biking, although pavement’s way harder on you than dirt.

      At least I’ll recover in time for the Chilcotin trip – I’m leaving on Tuesday.