Email Post-errific!

The weekend was a smashing success! Adam, Sean, Chris and I piled into the car at 1pm on Friday and headed out for Vernon – specifically on our way to Silver Star Resort for a weekend of lift assisted mountain biking joy. Naturally, I have taken and posted photos.

Saturday was fantastic. I rented a big downhill bike, a Giant Faith, to try out for the day. It was amazing – the difference in geometry was just stunning – I didn’t realize until half way through the day that I was riding down things that would normally scare me and stop me in my tracks, and I was riding about three times faster than I usually do. The bike makes a difference.

We rode hard on Saturday then went back to the condo and could barely move. Sunday we got up and I whined until they let me rent a big bike again. This time we brought the camera on the hill with us, so I got a few shots of riding (including some of me for a change!)

Final analysis: Big bikes are cool, and I can’t afford to buy one. It was probably my best riding ever, I just felt so much more confident on it and less freaked out by the steep things… they just weren’t as steep.

I consider Saturday and Sunday as part of my training, since I was on my bike at least two to six hours each day. Maybe more on Saturday.

Monday I rode the commuter bike home from work (since it had been left there for two weeks after I decided to stop riding due to finger sprainage) and today I rode in, and will ride home again. I’m due for a visit to the gym, though, as well.

My big wild ticker hasn’t changed in a couple of weeks… I’m stalling out. Oh well, I’ll try for a push to reach my goal before the trip starts.