Auction for Tickets to Montreal’s Police Concert

We’re auctioning more Police Tickets – Sting gave the Foundation two more tickets to auction off as a fundraiser. These ones are for the Montreal, QC Police show on July 25th. They’re listed at $300 US for the pair. All money raised goes to the David Suzuki Foundation, and the buyer will get a tax receipt for the amount they pay for the tickets above the face value on them.

If I were wealthy and living near Montreal, I’d be all over these. I am neither. And really, I just think it’s cool that Sting gave us the tickets.

In other news, I’ll be representing the Foundation at Crankworx next week – hanging out in Ryan Leech‘s tent, to be specific, talking about the Nature Challenge to people wandering by. Ryan’s just returned from a cross Canada tour, and he’s been promoting the Nature Challenge throughout it. I’ve been working on this program a lot myself, actually, and I’m enjoying it. This is the first outreach sort of thing I’ve done for it, though – I’ve mostly been trying to update the web stuff.