Photo Update! Trail maintenance and the CBC Ripper bike race

So it’s been a while…

Here are a couple of galleries I just put online. Both are mountain biking events: a trail day on Mt. Fromme (Lower Oilcan) and the NSMBA’s CBC Ripper Event.

Ripper Event Pics

Trail Building: Lower Oilcan

So do I take photos of things that aren’t biking? It seems not lately. I’m all right with that for now.

Tomorrow is Commuter Challenge day. I had intended to bike, but since that’s out of the question (Stupid bike thief) I’ll just take transit like a normal day. I promised I’d be in early to help feed commuters breakfast, and take their pictures. Oh, I guess that’s something else I’m doing photography-wise.

I’m pretty happy.

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  • sirreal13

    June 6, 2007 at 10:10 am

    People take trails for granted. Thanks for the hard work…