One project done…

I’ve been working on various projects recently, and I just finished one of them. I’ve started volunteering with the North Shore Mountain Biking Association, mainly taking pictures at events and such. Recently I took pictures at two Trail Building days, for Lower Oilcan and for Espresso.

Oilcan was a nice, albeit chilly day. I’ve got the writeup for it done and posted online… Go take a look! It was good times, I tell you.

The pictures I didn’t use in the writeup are in my photo journal gallery as well.

Next I have to finish a similar trail day writeup with photos for Espresso.

I’m also going to be working on a website for a friend of mine.

This week I put together my new commuter bike, which was fun. I’ve never put a bike together before. I haven’t transferred the pictures of it over to the computer yet. I will get them moved soon, but there’s too much still to get done first before I can work on that.

Tomorrow we’re going riding. I’m pretty sure we’ll be riding 7th Secret (which I took pictures of during the first Ripper race.)

Now I should be editing photos.