Injuries ‘r us

I went to the doctor (after going to the mountain, actually) today to have him look at my finger, which was getting all swollen and bending weirdly. It seems that I have either sprained or cracked my middle finger as part of my wipeout yesterday. The finger is now taped to its partner finger, and my typing is suffering greatly. whee!

Our old doctor, who was awesome and took us a good couple of years to find, has decided to become a Navy doctor or something, which means he’s leaving us. This makes me terribly sad. Today I saw another doctor in his office, as a potential replacement. He was kind of cold and abrupt. He does not win. I hate looking for a doctor… I already don’t really trust them. I miss my doctor already.

In other news, because I went to get my finger checked out, I’m home from work early. Yay?