… and more biking

Wednesday night I went to the NSMBA meeting. It was interesting. I think I’m starting to feel a bit more comfortable with the people involved in that stuff – just takes me a while to get there.

Now all I need to do is improve my riding skills some more. To be honest, I’m getting better, although there are still some psychological barriers I get up against, like steep rocky things that are smooth as pavement that should be an easy roll down. These things scare me. I need to find a spot I can practice one a bunch of times over until I’m comfortable with it or something. The same goes for skinnies, although I’m getting a whole lot better at those than I used to be.

Today I went out early this morning to take photos at the CBC Ripper Event. It was good, clean fun. Or dirty fun, really. It was very, very hot. I got a bit of sunburn. We went out afterwards to ride. Lorne took us first up Cypress, which we had never done. The first trail we found had trees all down on it and was utterly unridable. The second one was supposedly a bit more challenging, which made me nervous, but we checked it out anyway. It was steep. Definitely not something I’m up to doing yet, so we bailed out of the trail early and went back to Fromme, which I’m getting better at.

We rode Natural High, my third try at that trail, and I rode at least four things that I had walked the first two times. It was really great. So nice to ride something and be able to see myself improving like that – it really makes me feel good about the whole thing. Next time maybe I’ll bring the camera and get Adam or Lorne to take some pictures of me riding some of the more challenging stuff – steeps and skinnies and stuff. I think I was rocking today.

The sun and heat and exertion gave me a headache, though, and now I’m too tired and headachey to go to the Ripper after-party. Instead I will look through my photos, watch Catch me if you Can on TV, relax, and go to bed early.