Getting over it.

I think I’m getting better… the cold is loosening its grip on me.

Today was sunny and warm in the afternoon. Tomorrow might be the same. This fills me with a sense of hope for summer. I tentatively think that maybe the rain is stopping. Perhaps. There is a lovely cool breeze coming through the window next to me. The air tastes clean and sweet.

There are a few things on my mind, but I’m either too tired or too wrapped up to really express them. It’s not really the right time.

Dayle is staring at me.

Adam is catching my cold. Poor guy, I know what he’s in for – lots of tiredness, a really sore throat, a headache from hell, and this overall sense of floaty-headedness that just feels wrong. It should last for the rest of the week. I had it on the weekend.

I can hear the wind whispering outside. I think it’s trying to tell me something…

Right, I’m imagining things, unless it’s saying ‘go to bed, it’s late and you’re tired.’