Climate Change stuff

Here’s a short article that’s worth reading…

Also, if you’re at all curious about the science and myths that surround climate change (there are many of them) take a look at this recent issue of New Scientist – they did a feature called a Guide for the Perplexed, perhaps one of the most accessible articles I’ve seen on the topic.

I figure, however you may feel about the media that surrounds the entire climate change issue, being as informed as you possibly can be is the best plan. Knowledge can hurt, but it hurts less than ignorance.

Farewell to the Wee Giant

When we lived in Ontario, I got my first brand new especially for me mountain bike. Up until then I had been riding a Raleigh 80’s model girl’s 10 speed with no brakes and no ability to change gears, found at a Value Village for $6.50 on 50% Off Day.

The idea was that Adam and Ian were going to take me out mountain biking with them, so we got me a mountain bike – the 14″ frame Giant Rincon, a little tiny bike with V-brakes and front suspension and knobby tires. It was promptly dubbed the Wee Giant.

I used that bike to get around Toronto for months – I even stopped buying a bus pass, and began biking into work every day. I worked downtown from 5:30 – 11:00pm five nights a week. I learned to love bike commuting. It was also the time that we started mountain biking – of a sort – in the Don Valley.

When we moved out west to Vancouver, we really started to get into mountain biking. I would go out on the Shore with the Wee Giant with its three inches of front suspension and attempt to ride trails. Needless to say, I fell – often. It took a few months for me to realize that I probably needed a slightly better bike to ride on REAL mountains, so I bought the Kona Dawg (aka Bad Juju) and turned the Wee Giant into a commuter. For two years now I’ve been using it to get around town, to and from work.

In celebration of bike to work week (and also because I really do enjoy biking to work in the mornings and home at night) I decided to ride into work this morning. It takes about 45 minutes to get to work, and about an hour to get home, so it’s a nice solid ride. The weather was fantastic and I really enjoyed the ride in.

I didn’t have a lock on me, so I borrowed one from the office and locked up the bike when Iarrived. We park our bikes just outside the Office door, in the upstairs part of a Courtyard that’s back from the street a little ways. They’re not particularly visible, and there aren’t people who use that route to get around unless they have an office in the building.

At 5:30, I went outside and unlocked the bike, ran back in to drop off the lock, then went immediately back outside. In the less than 30 seconds Iwas gone, someone took off with the Wee Giant. As though someone waswatching and waiting for a bike to be left unattended for just amoment… except when I unlocked it there was no one around.

It’s not just losing the bike – which wasn’t the best commuter anyway – it’s just that I don’t understand how or why people want to steal anything. I was even wondering about it on the way in to work on my bike this morning – I’m completely unable to wrap my head around wanting to steal a bike. Or anything else, but at the time I was thinking about bikes.

I’m sad to lose the Wee Giant. We had some good times, for an inanimate object relationship. I’m also feeling just a bit violated in a way… I like to think the best of people. Some stupid bike thief took that optimism away from me – only for a little while, probably, but right now it just plain hurts.

So if you seeanyone riding around on a 14″ silver Giant Rincon with slick tires, it’s probably mine. I hope they appreciate it. Asshole.

My work’s auctioning off Police Tickets…

Foundation auctions Police concert tickets on eBay!

Don’t miss your chance to see the most popular band of a generation live!

The Police have provided one pair of tickets to the David Suzuki Foundation for auction on eBay. The two tickets are for row 11 on the floor for the Police concert on Wednesday, May 30, in Vancouver, B.C. at GM Place.

All proceeds will benefit the David Suzuki Foundation. This auctionis tax deductible for the amount spent minus the face value of the twotickets.

Sting has supported environmental causes for many years, and is anhonorary board member of the David Suzuki Foundation. Through theirreunion tour, the Police are helping to raise awareness about criticalglobal issues by supporting charities like WaterAid, the RainforestFoundation, Amnesty International, as well as performing in Al Gore’sJuly 7 Live Earth concert.

For more information, visit

Why am I at work on a holiday?

I have to wonder why I’m here on Victoria Day. The office is dead – there are perhaps twelve people in today, including myself. I’ve had five calls (not including staff calling from the locked outer door requesting I let them in.) Oh yeah, and Global came by to do a brief interview with The Man Himself, who was actually in the office briefly. Apparently a philanthropist in Toronto was murdered yesterday (supporter of WWF and Sierra Club organizations, wildlife and conservation orgs) and they wanted an interview with the Doc about it. The Org I work for works with the Sierra Club and WWF. It’s a bit unsettling that someone was killed in the parking lot of one of them.

I’m currently reading Jpod. I like it so far. If it stays this quiet much longer, I may read at my desk. There’s really nothing to do today.

And no, that isn’t an invitation to phone and rant at me about chemtrails or something. I don’t mind the phone not ringing, honest. I’m just trying to find something to do.

Feel free to email me if you’re reading this and also bored and interested in some conversation. jennifer dot silver at gmail dot com.

I miss sleeping in…

I haven’t been able to sleep in for a couple of weeks, and tomorrow is more of the same. Last weekend we got up early Saturday to help Ian move, and Sunday to go biking (which never happened…) and now that I work Monday to Friday again I don’t have my Fridays off anymore.

Tomorrow I’m volunteering at another north shore mountain biking race. Should be interesting. I should be in bed. I’m not quite ready to go yet, though, I still have to pull my stuff together so I can just get up and leave tomorrow. Trying to decide if I should bother to bring my bike – I’m thinking not, I don’t really want to ride out those trails without company, and I don’t want to ride them out with strangers either – they might not wait for me, or know that I need waiting up for, and really, how can I ask for that from complete strangers?

I’m almost over the cold I got last week, but of course Adam has it now. He’s sleeping on the couch next to me, and sounds really bad.

Last night was fun; I went out after work with work folks to Subeez. They had good food, and good Sangria, and Strongbow on tap, among other things. I think I may go back. It was really nice to hang out with work folks outside the office. They’re a good bunch, and a lot of fun.

I’m watching the news. I shouldn’t watch the news. Harper’s tendency to blame everything that’s wrong on the previous government, while something that most new governments do, is seriously out of hand. It’s like his running schtick. Likely trying to bolster his group by putting everyone else down, as he sets himself to try for a majority government… possibly this fall, according to people who know more about the inner workings of politics in Canada than I do. I’d just like to see someone move forward for a change… quit with the blame stupidity, get over it an move on with your political life already. Personally, I’m no supporter of Harper, but if you’re going to sit in the chair then do some work and quit whining about the last guy (and his club) who sat there.

I know how to shake things up… Bloc Quebecois for PM!

Getting over it.

I think I’m getting better… the cold is loosening its grip on me.

Today was sunny and warm in the afternoon. Tomorrow might be the same. This fills me with a sense of hope for summer. I tentatively think that maybe the rain is stopping. Perhaps. There is a lovely cool breeze coming through the window next to me. The air tastes clean and sweet.

There are a few things on my mind, but I’m either too tired or too wrapped up to really express them. It’s not really the right time.

Dayle is staring at me.

Adam is catching my cold. Poor guy, I know what he’s in for – lots of tiredness, a really sore throat, a headache from hell, and this overall sense of floaty-headedness that just feels wrong. It should last for the rest of the week. I had it on the weekend.

I can hear the wind whispering outside. I think it’s trying to tell me something…

Right, I’m imagining things, unless it’s saying ‘go to bed, it’s late and you’re tired.’


Today I fixed my laptop.
Today the birds finally found the bird feeder on the window outside. A finch with a red head visited repeatedly.
Today I spent a lot of time on the phone.
Today Adam spent more time on the phone than I did.
Today I was sick.
Today I shaved Adam’s head.
Today I walked to Lonsdale Quay and had lunch in the rain.
Today I learned something.
Today I watched my husband feel a huge range of emotions and did my best to take care of him.
Today was hard.