Yoga Regimen

Second night in a row for the yoga dvd. Again I managed a backbend, much to my own surprise. It is a very interesting feeling to be bending upside-down all bridge-like holding myself up with my hands and feet. Maybe if I do pushups I’ll be able to hold it for longer, even. Or something to strengthen the arms… my are a bit weak and spindly, after all.

It is time now to watch the next episode of Battlestar Galactica. I think we’re nearly caught up with what the rest of the world has seen. That is saddening. I like binge television, it’s much easier to remember what’s going on rather than waiting a week in between shows. Plus, I don’t have to remember that the show is on at 8 on Wednesday or something and try to be home to watch it or make the rabbit ears cooperate enough that I can see it clearly. I love you, binge tv.