Updating on Saturn

So Saturn, my wonderful laptop of joy, has not yet returned from the dead. I have managed to convince the Dell tech support people (after running through all sorts of diagnostics and stuff on the phone with them) that they need to send me my install disks (you know, the ones I paid for but they insisted I didn’t need because of the ghost backup on the system. The ghost backup that failed twice when I tried it myself and again when I tried it with the Dell tech on the phone with me.)

Go me!

This means that I am computer-less (or at least not able to access my own stuff) for a while – probably about a week, maybe more – while they mail me my disks. I am pleased to be getting them… if i pay for a copy of windows XP, I would really like to have the disk in hand for occasions like this one. I’m just saying.

The past two days I’ve been particularly tired at work. I haven’t figured out why, but I’m hoping that tomorrow I’ll be better. I’ll go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight (had trouble falling asleep last night) and hope for the best.

This weekend is my brother Chris’ birthday, which means we’re going mountain biking Saturday and I’m making lasagna at mom’s house for him on Sunday.

My hair is getting long and weird, in that in-between stage where it just does strange things and is totally unmanageable. I think I’m growing it out (partly due to laziness, partly due to missing having long hair.) I also haven’t coloured it since last fall, which means it’s actually my natural colour for the first time in seven years. Crazy. I miss the red, though… I might colour it again.

I plan to join the Muddbunnies riding club… now if only I could make it out to a ride with them. I guess this weekend is out with all the birthday stuff. Maybe next weekend…

Yeah, my brain is all over the place right now. Maybe I’ll go watch Adam play some Xenosaga or something. Last night I pulled my itty bitty sewing machine out and hemmed some pants. I could crochet but don’t feel like it. I could read but don’t feel like it. Eh. I’ll just relax or something.


  • mishamish

    April 25, 2007 at 11:30 am

    Oooooh… see, that burns me up just THINKING about it! They didn’t send you the install disks you PAID for, because you had a backup system? Right, okay. So… what happens when the harddrive (which, I’m assuming, is the same harddrive the backup system backs up to) fails? Bloody stupid corporate tech drones.

    GRRR, I say!

  • Jenny Lee Silver

    April 25, 2007 at 2:02 pm

    Yeah, that’s pretty much exactly what’s happened. NTFS failure to the extreme. Good thing all my photos and stuff are on the external hard drive, I tell you…