Some good work things

Tonight I worked at an event for work, but outside of work. It was pretty fun, actually – I was just wandering around taking photos of people.

Today at work Ryan Leech came in to the office to discuss his upcoming tour, and how he would like to work with the Foundation to promote the Nature Challenge and other such initiatives that we are part of. I went a little fangirl, although I hopefully didn’t go too overboard. I just think he’s talented at what he does (Trials riding) and it’s very cool to have met him. I brought in a couple of DVDs to show a girl at work what he does, and he was happy to sign them.

On a side note, he’s much taller than I thought he was (usually I see him on a bike, after all) and very down to earth to talk to (which comes across in every interview or feature I’ve seen or read of his.) And, dare I say it, cute, with a good handshake. I’ve taken photos of him before in Whistler at last year’s Crankworx event.

I think I made a contact or two for photography stuff, as well. Also a plus.

All in all, a very busy day at work, and a very long day (got home around 9:30 or so) but a very good one.

I need business cards…