Cookin’ a sauce…

So I’m making a home-made pasta sauce of amazingness. Or not. We shall see how it turns out and if I get it right… but anything with wine in it has to be good, right?

Well, here’s hoping at least.

Also, since I am using the red wine for the sauce and there is much left over, I am also having a glass while I cook. Verra nice.

I got a bird feeder today, identical to the one on spadoink‘s window. So far the birds have yet to find it. The cats tried to eat the birdseed out of the bag, however. Weird cats. For now I’ll keep the curtain closed until the birds realize it’s there, then open it up to entertain the cats. Well, really, to entertain me while the cats freak out about birds being right there!!!

Yeah, I’m as easily amused as the cats are.

I managed to pull together and impromptu Friday Night dinner over email this afternoon, which is what has me making the sauce. We don’t have enough space here, so I’ll be taking the sauce to Lorne’s place once it’s nearly ready, and we’ll eat there. It will be tasty. Hopefully.

Now I am on the phone with the in-laws. Huzzah!


  • youenjoymyself

    April 14, 2007 at 4:24 pm

    Jen, I’m dying to know how the sauce turned out!
    I hope well…

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      April 14, 2007 at 7:50 pm

      It was awesome! Thanks so much for the recipe. I think with some fine tuning it’ll only get better, too. I used meatballs but no sausage (had some ground beef in the house already.) All in all, a hit, but next time I think I’d like a little more spicy – more chili flakes I think.

      Also, the benefit of cooking with wine is drinking wine while cooking. This I enjoy immensly. 😀

      • youenjoymyself

        April 15, 2007 at 12:41 am


        Yes, wine brings joy to more than just the sauce!

        I find it takes quite a bit of chili flake to make the sauce sufficiently spicy as I’m a fiend for the capsicum. Lately, however, I’ve been using fresh chilies – the little red ones (thai chili) that old Italian men bring to wedding banquets. It only takes two or three if you chop them, otherwise six or seven whole (you take them out later and eat if you dare) will suffice.

      • Jenny Lee Silver

        April 15, 2007 at 12:55 am

        We use the fresh chilis for thai and asian cooking on a regular basis. I’ve got some crushed in a jar, which I considered using for this but held off this time. Plus the shop across the street sells them. I haven’t managed to just eat one yet though…