Beautiful blue sky…

Adam and I spent the evening last night having dinner and drinks with some friends of his from work. Well, I had drinks anyway – he was driving. It was fun. Today I was hung over, which I haven’t been in a very, very long time. Ah well, I had a good time so it’s all right.

I decided to take on a new part time position at work – turning my one full time job into two part time jobs that add up to a full time job. It will be good to change up the work I’m doing, and nice to have a couple of days off the phone doing web type stuff. Yes, very good indeed. The downside is working 5 day weeks again (oh how I shall miss you, my sweet Friday off!) but the upside is that I’ll have more money coming in at a time when Adam’s paycheck is dropping. Balance is important – we’ve booked an expensive trip later this summer, and have only paid the deposit, so we’re going to need the extra income to pay for the rest of it.

In other news, my race photos from last week’s North Shore Ripper were well received.

The sky is blue and almost clear, only a few puffy white clouds floating about. The mountains still have snow at the peak, but I think the ski runs are officially closed. Spring is in full swing now. We promised mom & Merv that we’d come out and help them clear the yard of trees this weekend, so that’s what we shall do.