Balance, I suppose

Friday evening Ian and Kim, who have moved to Vancouver and are currently looking for a place, came for a visit and watched a movie with us. We were going to watch the Farce of the Penguins by hooking my lappy up to the TV using the video out cable, but when Ian rebooted it, it imploded. In a very nasty way, to be precise. I’m fairly certain that the Wireless card driver update that I downloaded and installed (by the suggestion of Dell’s support utility thingie – let me never make that mistake again) did something very, very bad to my poor Saturn.

This basically means that my computer is currently dead and useless.

The irony to this is that, earlier in the day, I had grabbed a large stack of DVD-R’s to back everything up. Fortunately, my photos are all on the external hard drive, which is not pooched. Unfortunately, my music collection (including all the CDs I managed to get ripped while we were back in Ontario where my CDs still live) is on the hard drive that is pooched. So are my bookmarks, my emails, and a whole whack of other stuff that not photography related. I managed to get through the problems and get back into windows tonight, but I can’t run any software and can’t even move files around at all. They just don’t respond to my prodding. I tried to copy some stuff from My Documents onto the external drive… they just pretended I didn’t tell them to do anything. Stupid NTFS implosions.

At any rate, I’m attempting now to come to terms with the fact that I’m going to lose all that. I do have my ipod, which means I can somehow re-integrate the music onto my hard drive when I reformat and reinstall, if I do it right. Here’s hoping I do that right.

Saturday we went to Pitt Meadows, where we helped in the cutting and pulling down of six trees that threatened my mother’s house (or will when the next windstorm hits). Don’t let them tell you that pulling a tree down with a rope so it goes the right way is easy. Also, fences will break when hit by trees. I’m just saying.

Today we went biking up on Flywheel, which has become a nasty, eroded beast. Not as much fun as it was last year. Plus, my front tire isn’t seated properly and won’t spin freely, which means that riding felt completely wrong – I was sluggish and exhausted when I shouldn’t have been, and just generally didn’t have any trust in the bike. I think she’s due for a tune-up. I may ask about shortening the stem, too. I thought it was a shorter one, but it’s not, and if it is then perhaps I’ll feel more comfortable on the downslopes.

It was a thoroughly unsatisfying ride, and I came home to a completely broken computer, and I feel fat and tired and stupid, and I want to curl up in a ball and cry for a while. Instead, however, I think I will just go to bed. I’ll worry about the stupid computer tomorrow.

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  • mindexplodes

    April 25, 2007 at 3:42 am

    give me your maling adress and i will mail you a surprise!