A day in the Meadows

Saturday Adam, Sean and I went out riding on Burnaby Mountain. It was probably the best ride I’ve had all season, which is a good boost to the confidence. Adam was saying at one point that the whole cycle revolves around how good your ride is: If you’re riding well, you have more confidence and are more willing to try things that scare you. This high confidence level keeps going until you try something and wipe out, at which point your confidence is often destroyed and you’re left feeling scared of your own shadow, unwilling to try things that you’ve done ten times before because you’re too nervous. When your confidence is low, you have a bad ride and just generally feel bad, at least until you have a good ride again and you boost your confidence up. The more good rides in a row, the higher you get boosted; the more bad rides in a row, the lower you feel.

I’m glad to have a good ride behind me.

Anyhow, we rode Mel’s on Burnaby, which is a more cross country trail rather than downhill, and had a few hike-a-bike sections, but I’m happy to report that this was the easiest ride up I’ve had on burnaby yet. My endurance is improving, which is very important considering the trip we have planned this August.

I’m not sure if I”ve mentioned the trip yet… I’ll go into it in detail soon.

After riding yesterday Adam and I headed out to Pitt Meadows to take Mom & Merv out for dinner for their anniversary and Merv’s Birthday. We stayed the night there and went out this morning with Mom & Merv to the local plant nursery, where they purchased many little plants and one tree for their yard. It made me kind of wish we had a yard so I could have a garden. It would be nice to grow some veggies and flowers and things someday. Not yet, though… for now I’ll be happy with the balcony. After all, I can’t beat the view

Ready now for another week of work. Hopefully this rain will end tonight so I can bike in tomorrow, but I won’t hold my breath. If it’s still pouring, I’ll transit in and save the bike for later in the week. I plan to bike two days a week if I can – that should help with the biking endurance, considering the ride home is 15km nearly all uphill…


  • lather2002

    April 9, 2007 at 10:47 am

    ??? You deleted me ? Just out of curiosity, why ? Do you not like my photography ?

  • Jenny Lee Silver

    April 11, 2007 at 5:07 am

    Hey there,

    I enjoy your photography. I also happent to work at an environmental charitable organization that has climate change as part of its mandate (one that I feel strongly about.) I was finding it hard to read your comments on the global warming stuff without feeling upset and wanting to respond. I’m all for people having their own opinions, but when I find I’m reacting that strongly to something that someone else is saying I have to remove myself or I just stress out over it or end up in a pointless argument. I don’t want to get into discussions that turn into arguments that become flame wars or anything like that – that’s not why I’m online, or on lj.

  • lather2002

    April 11, 2007 at 11:32 am

    Well, first thank you for your kind words concerning my efforts at photography. As far as “Global Warming” is concerned I am sorry if you feel/felt that my opinion on it prevented you from continuing to be an LJ friend. Obviously your opinion is somewhat different than mine, but hey, just because you are wrong does not mean that I would delete you, haha. But really, if the earth is going through a warming stage or not I truly do not believe, based on real science, that Humankind is responsible or can have any real effect (other than creating hardship for itself) in trying to change the climate on this planet. I have read/looked at all sides of the current debate in coming to my conclusion on this controversy. One of the most recent and informative video documentaries that I have watched on the subject is :

    Anyway, you need not worry about getting into a “Flame” wars or anything like that with me. You can just breeze by that post of mine or any others that you do not agree with or you also can express your contrary opinion. I promise not to get into an argument only a conversation or at most a debate if you choose to do so. If I, or anyone I imagine, broke off contact with all of those that they disagreed with, well, I have a feeling all of us would lose a substantial number of friends and acquaintances. So, feel free to add me back to your LJ friends list and please continue to enjoy (if you wish) my efforts at photography. LOLove.

    P.S.: By the way, at times I tend to play Devil’s Advocate and do not believe what I say personally. But to be true, my views on “Global Warming” that I expressed is what I think. In that Humans are not to blame and really cannot have any real effect on it’s causes or remedy one way or the other. LOLove.