Updating on Saturn

So Saturn, my wonderful laptop of joy, has not yet returned from the dead. I have managed to convince the Dell tech support people (after running through all sorts of diagnostics and stuff on the phone with them) that they need to send me my install disks (you know, the ones I paid for but they insisted I didn’t need because of the ghost backup on the system. The ghost backup that failed twice when I tried it myself and again when I tried it with the Dell tech on the phone with me.)

Go me!

This means that I am computer-less (or at least not able to access my own stuff) for a while – probably about a week, maybe more – while they mail me my disks. I am pleased to be getting them… if i pay for a copy of windows XP, I would really like to have the disk in hand for occasions like this one. I’m just saying.

The past two days I’ve been particularly tired at work. I haven’t figured out why, but I’m hoping that tomorrow I’ll be better. I’ll go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight (had trouble falling asleep last night) and hope for the best.

This weekend is my brother Chris’ birthday, which means we’re going mountain biking Saturday and I’m making lasagna at mom’s house for him on Sunday.

My hair is getting long and weird, in that in-between stage where it just does strange things and is totally unmanageable. I think I’m growing it out (partly due to laziness, partly due to missing having long hair.) I also haven’t coloured it since last fall, which means it’s actually my natural colour for the first time in seven years. Crazy. I miss the red, though… I might colour it again.

I plan to join the Muddbunnies riding club… now if only I could make it out to a ride with them. I guess this weekend is out with all the birthday stuff. Maybe next weekend…

Yeah, my brain is all over the place right now. Maybe I’ll go watch Adam play some Xenosaga or something. Last night I pulled my itty bitty sewing machine out and hemmed some pants. I could crochet but don’t feel like it. I could read but don’t feel like it. Eh. I’ll just relax or something.

Balance, I suppose

Friday evening Ian and Kim, who have moved to Vancouver and are currently looking for a place, came for a visit and watched a movie with us. We were going to watch the Farce of the Penguins by hooking my lappy up to the TV using the video out cable, but when Ian rebooted it, it imploded. In a very nasty way, to be precise. I’m fairly certain that the Wireless card driver update that I downloaded and installed (by the suggestion of Dell’s support utility thingie – let me never make that mistake again) did something very, very bad to my poor Saturn.

This basically means that my computer is currently dead and useless.

The irony to this is that, earlier in the day, I had grabbed a large stack of DVD-R’s to back everything up. Fortunately, my photos are all on the external hard drive, which is not pooched. Unfortunately, my music collection (including all the CDs I managed to get ripped while we were back in Ontario where my CDs still live) is on the hard drive that is pooched. So are my bookmarks, my emails, and a whole whack of other stuff that not photography related. I managed to get through the problems and get back into windows tonight, but I can’t run any software and can’t even move files around at all. They just don’t respond to my prodding. I tried to copy some stuff from My Documents onto the external drive… they just pretended I didn’t tell them to do anything. Stupid NTFS implosions.

At any rate, I’m attempting now to come to terms with the fact that I’m going to lose all that. I do have my ipod, which means I can somehow re-integrate the music onto my hard drive when I reformat and reinstall, if I do it right. Here’s hoping I do that right.

Saturday we went to Pitt Meadows, where we helped in the cutting and pulling down of six trees that threatened my mother’s house (or will when the next windstorm hits). Don’t let them tell you that pulling a tree down with a rope so it goes the right way is easy. Also, fences will break when hit by trees. I’m just saying.

Today we went biking up on Flywheel, which has become a nasty, eroded beast. Not as much fun as it was last year. Plus, my front tire isn’t seated properly and won’t spin freely, which means that riding felt completely wrong – I was sluggish and exhausted when I shouldn’t have been, and just generally didn’t have any trust in the bike. I think she’s due for a tune-up. I may ask about shortening the stem, too. I thought it was a shorter one, but it’s not, and if it is then perhaps I’ll feel more comfortable on the downslopes.

It was a thoroughly unsatisfying ride, and I came home to a completely broken computer, and I feel fat and tired and stupid, and I want to curl up in a ball and cry for a while. Instead, however, I think I will just go to bed. I’ll worry about the stupid computer tomorrow.

Beautiful blue sky…

Adam and I spent the evening last night having dinner and drinks with some friends of his from work. Well, I had drinks anyway – he was driving. It was fun. Today I was hung over, which I haven’t been in a very, very long time. Ah well, I had a good time so it’s all right.

I decided to take on a new part time position at work – turning my one full time job into two part time jobs that add up to a full time job. It will be good to change up the work I’m doing, and nice to have a couple of days off the phone doing web type stuff. Yes, very good indeed. The downside is working 5 day weeks again (oh how I shall miss you, my sweet Friday off!) but the upside is that I’ll have more money coming in at a time when Adam’s paycheck is dropping. Balance is important – we’ve booked an expensive trip later this summer, and have only paid the deposit, so we’re going to need the extra income to pay for the rest of it.

In other news, my race photos from last week’s North Shore Ripper were well received.

The sky is blue and almost clear, only a few puffy white clouds floating about. The mountains still have snow at the peak, but I think the ski runs are officially closed. Spring is in full swing now. We promised mom & Merv that we’d come out and help them clear the yard of trees this weekend, so that’s what we shall do.

The day got better

I started off this morning not wanting to get up. It took me forever to fall asleep last night but by this morning I was sleeping so heavily the alarm nearly didn’t wake me. Adam had to prod me to get me up. It was my intention to ride to work (the whole entire way) but when I looked out the window and saw the downpour, I decided against it.

Work was somewhat quiet, but I got stressed over little things that I later fixed. Still, it made me on edge for a while.

Later I got into a weird, defeated mood over things. And then I wanted to stab things. and then I wanted to be alone for a while, and then I wanted to talk to someone. Let’s just say today’s been an emotional roller coaster.

So I got home, had dinner, and made oatmeal cookies. That makes things better. Soon I will go to sleep.

TV sadness

Dear Battlestar Galactica,

I love you. Please come back soon. Please? I beg you. My life is empty without you.


Addicted to BSG but now caught up in episodes

Cookin’ a sauce…

So I’m making a home-made pasta sauce of amazingness. Or not. We shall see how it turns out and if I get it right… but anything with wine in it has to be good, right?

Well, here’s hoping at least.

Also, since I am using the red wine for the sauce and there is much left over, I am also having a glass while I cook. Verra nice.

I got a bird feeder today, identical to the one on spadoink‘s window. So far the birds have yet to find it. The cats tried to eat the birdseed out of the bag, however. Weird cats. For now I’ll keep the curtain closed until the birds realize it’s there, then open it up to entertain the cats. Well, really, to entertain me while the cats freak out about birds being right there!!!

Yeah, I’m as easily amused as the cats are.

I managed to pull together and impromptu Friday Night dinner over email this afternoon, which is what has me making the sauce. We don’t have enough space here, so I’ll be taking the sauce to Lorne’s place once it’s nearly ready, and we’ll eat there. It will be tasty. Hopefully.

Now I am on the phone with the in-laws. Huzzah!

Friday Five thingie from ozreison

1. What have you said lately that has gotten you into trouble? “So here’s how the fire drill is going to work…”

2. When is the last time you censored yourself? A couple of days ago at work. And it’s not so much censoring as choosing my words very carefully…

3. Describe your last date: Adam and I met after work at the Dairy Queen to have ice cream in place of dinner.

4. Go to the closest window — what do you see? Rain. Stupid rain. Enough with the rain already.

5. What’s your favorite board game? Umm… I don’t really know. Scrabble maybe, but no one around plays it with me… Talisman was fun, but I don’t know about favourite… if you could consider Munchkin a board game I’d pick that, but it’s not, it’s a card game.