Sleep or Galactica?

I’m quite exhausted today. Adam hardly slept at all last night, and while I slept, I don’t think it was particularly restful.

Yesterday we rode up Mount Fromme to take a ride down Pipeline. In my case it was more a Hike-a-bike down pipeline. Drops on a downslope are something that I have yet to manage on a regular basis, and when the downslope is 45 degrees and steeper, and the drops a foot or more, well, that’s just asking too much really. So I mostly walked on the way down. I actually rode on the way up though – altitude gain of over 1000 metres. It’s nice to leave the camera behind sometimes and just be able to ride.

I’m kind of amazed I’m still awake, really.

On Friday I went out with my mom to go thrift store shopping. I got a pair of pants, a cute grey hat, and a dark wooden dresser set (2 pieces) for 55$. SCORE! This means I can sort out our horribly messy closet and the piles of clothes on the floor, and put clothing into drawers where it belongs. This fills me with joy that I cannot begin to explain. I haven’t had a dresser since we lived in Ontario in summer of 2004. We’re approaching summer of 2007.

Trust me, Pure Joy.

And now, more Battlestar Galactica – Best Show On TV (or in our case, DVD). Later, sleep.