One parcel later…

And I would like to thank lafemmezilla for the lovely parcel I received in the mail today. The Juju will adorn my bike on our next ride. I can’t say how long he will survive on the handlebars of a mountain bike, but we shall see. And thank you for the bpal! w00t!

Speaking of biking, I wrote a long blog post about biking and my psyche on Myspace. Perhaps I shall repost that here as well.


  • lafemmezilla

    March 7, 2007 at 5:37 am

    OMG FINALLY. I sent that on freakin VALENTINES DAY. I was starting to worry that the mounties were all “im in ur box, sniffing ur bpalz.” I’m glad you liked juju. 🙂

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      March 7, 2007 at 5:45 am

      They were in my box, sniffing my bpalz. They even put a sticker on it to tell me so. Bastids. But they left them all inside, so yay. Maybe they just wanted to see the juju.