Faeries and Photographs

Last night I dreamed that I was out taking pictures of fantasy creatures – faeries and other such things. While this was going on, there was someone chasing me from a distance, as though they were a day or so behind me and I was just trying to keep ahead of them all the time. It was all very complex and convoluted, and I think some people who were with me may have ended up dead. I was fine though, and never actually scared.

Some random things passing through my head:

I’m still reeling internally from the impact that zefrank and his show had on so many people and hoping that it doesn’t go away.

I went off the pill a month ago to see if it impacted the headaches and other such things. So far, so good. On top of the naturopathic treatment and the extra vitamins I’m taking, I’m happy to say that I haven’t had a migraine all month. Adam went through a panicked ‘omg what if the condom doesn’t work’ phase, but I think he’s okay now that I’m actually not pregnant. Boys are weird. Only downside so far – cramps are more severe. I am willing to deal with that tradeoff.

It’s not usually this rainy by this time of year here. I am anxious for spring to begin already. The cherry blossoms are out; I want to go take photos of them. This rain prevents me. Stoopid rain.

Today we will stay indoors and perhaps record some music, if Adam is in the mood to do so. I’m not sure how he’ll be feeling after last night, so I’ll just wait for him to wake up and let him decide. Otherwise, we will likely go out for tea, and perhaps see Tara. Plans are fluid. I like that.

Dayle is hanging out on the couch with me. I think Sera is hanging out on the bed with Adam. They love it when we’re home during the day.

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  • femaleinvert

    March 24, 2007 at 11:39 pm

    I think that’s kind of a cool dream