Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival

Amazingly, after a surprise free ticket to the Vancouver International wine festival, I’m still somehow typing somewhat coherently.

Adam’s & my friend Lorne, who we bike with, invited one of us to take his extra ticket since his fiancee couldn’t make it to the festival. I ended up going, and we wandered around tasting many different shiraz’s and syrahs. Since Australia was the featured region this year, it made it easy to find some very fine shiraz’s.

Of course, I’m now rather drunk on wine and happy. And tomorrow we’re supposed to be leaving to go biking in squamish around 8:00 or so. Yeah, that’ll be fun. Lorne’s coming biking too, so at least we’ll both be in the same boat.

Mmmm shiraz. So Good.

And now for something completely different: Good news

This is a really interesting video to watch: Ahead of the Curve – a look at businesses (huge ones, ones that you’ve heard of) that have invested in reducing emissions, improving technology, and addressing climate change issues, and have been doing so for at least a few years. It really is worth watching. Especially if you happen to run a business or something, but really, for everyone. It’s definitely a hopeful thing.

Taking the long way around turns out shorter somehow…

I rode to work (partial ride with seabus) again this morning. It was quite nice, I really do enjoy the biking. I’m starting to work out the kinks in my route, too, which helps. It looks like I’m going to be able to leave a bit later than I would if I were taking the bus in the morning.

I worked all day, had lunch with one of my co-workers at the local greek place (mmmm spinach cheese pie!) and packed it in for the week. I had to decide at that point if I was going to ride down to the seabus and come home that way, or ride all the way home on my own steam.

I looked outside where the weather was pleasant and the light was strong, and decided to take the long way home.

The route I take goes slightly downhill to the bridge, then up and over the bridge, along the waterfront to Stanley Park, up the causeway and then up the Lion’s Gate Bridge then down the other side. Next I go across the lower part of North Vancouver (mostly a flat stretch) until I reach Larson/16th, then head on up the beginning of the mountain. The rest is all uphill pretty much to the apartment.

The whole ride was around 15km (which is maybe 9 or 10 miles I guess?) predominantly uphill. somewhere in the last twenty minutes my left shoulder started killing me (riding a mountain bike for road biking isn’t necessarily the best geometry for longer rides like that) but I pushed through it and made it all the way home.

Strangely, it took me an hour and ten minutes to ride the whole way home. Once I’m more used to it and in better shape, that time will get shorter and shorter. I seriously thought it was going to take me longer to get home than that.

It takes me up to an hour and a half to get home by transit alone.

Here’s the thing, though. I have a very bad habit of getting annoyed with myself when other cyclists pass me. I look at them and compare myself to them, feeling all inferior and weak. Tonight I was doing exactly that, riding up the causeway to the Lion’s Gate and getting passed by all these other cyclists on road bikes decked out in their tights and clipped into their pedals, when I stopped myself and thought about the other side of things. I was riding my bike with them. I am riding a mountain bike with slicks, which is by no means a skinny-tired efficient road bike. I haven’t been a serious cycle commuter in a very long time, and have lost what conditioning I had from my short ride to and from my last job. Lots of valid reasons why they’re passing me, really. But what it comes down to in the end is the fact that I was out there riding home, from Kitsilano to Central Lonsdale across two bridges. Chances are pretty good that they weren’t secretly making fun of me for being slow when they passed me.

If I keep it up, then I will get better. And maybe someday I’ll think about getting a commuter with skinny tires. I definitely want some tights first, though.

Running circles

I’ve had a lot on my mind this week, mostly due to events happening to people I know that have made me stop and really think about some things. I felt sorry for myself for a little bit, but I’ve decided to move on from that now and see if I can do something about the things that are really bothering me at the moment.

It’s finally been good weather this week, so today I pulled myself together and got back on the bike for most of the commute to work. I say most of the trip because I still took the seabus across Burrard Inlet, but I rode the rest. Tomorrow I think I’ll take the seabus in the morning and ride the whole way home at night.

This weekend we plan to go riding in Squamish. I’ve missed Squamish trails. I’m looking forward to it. I made the attempt to invite a couple of people from work to come out riding with us – one of them can’t make it, the other one will think about it. Maybe tomorrow I’ll ask a third, although I don’t think she’s ever mountain biked – she just has the bike because her ex used to be a mountain biker and I guess maybe wanted to get her into it or something. Either way, Squamish is a nice place for that sort of thing. Here’s hoping I can convince at least one person to come out; I’m not really sure how else to make outside of work friends if they aren’t really interested in / able to hang out with me outside of work. Or something.

Tonight is a yoga night. We’ve fallen off a bit lately and haven’t been doing the yoga, and I miss it. After biking today yoga seemed like a good idea, so come 9pm we shall yoga.

Portrait of Tara

Surf Class

Tara leaves for Ontario tomorrow sometime, moving back to Ottawa to be closer to family. I shall miss her. There is plenty more going on in my head right now, but I just don’t feel up to it.

Faeries and Photographs

Last night I dreamed that I was out taking pictures of fantasy creatures – faeries and other such things. While this was going on, there was someone chasing me from a distance, as though they were a day or so behind me and I was just trying to keep ahead of them all the time. It was all very complex and convoluted, and I think some people who were with me may have ended up dead. I was fine though, and never actually scared.

Some random things passing through my head:

I’m still reeling internally from the impact that zefrank and his show had on so many people and hoping that it doesn’t go away.

I went off the pill a month ago to see if it impacted the headaches and other such things. So far, so good. On top of the naturopathic treatment and the extra vitamins I’m taking, I’m happy to say that I haven’t had a migraine all month. Adam went through a panicked ‘omg what if the condom doesn’t work’ phase, but I think he’s okay now that I’m actually not pregnant. Boys are weird. Only downside so far – cramps are more severe. I am willing to deal with that tradeoff.

It’s not usually this rainy by this time of year here. I am anxious for spring to begin already. The cherry blossoms are out; I want to go take photos of them. This rain prevents me. Stoopid rain.

Today we will stay indoors and perhaps record some music, if Adam is in the mood to do so. I’m not sure how he’ll be feeling after last night, so I’ll just wait for him to wake up and let him decide. Otherwise, we will likely go out for tea, and perhaps see Tara. Plans are fluid. I like that.

Dayle is hanging out on the couch with me. I think Sera is hanging out on the bed with Adam. They love it when we’re home during the day.

Early Morning Rain

It’s not raining so much as pouring. The clouds are low, as well – I can only see as far as about 26th St. or so up the hill (I’m at 19th.) There are no mountains to be seen.

Last night I got free passes to the premiere screening of Sharkwater, a documentary about Sharks by a guy named Rob Stewart from Toronto. It was very, very good, and also very, very disturbing. Adam came out of it thoroughly depressed. I recommend seeing it simply because it is good to know what’s happening in this world, and because conservation isn’t always about saving the soft cuddly animals like pandas and baby seals.

Personally, I walked out of the film with feeling the message that an individual can make a difference, contrary to messages I’ve received for much of my life… not from movies, but from people around me when I was growing up, who already felt defeated and figured that meant they couldn’t do anything. No, movies like to tell us we can do anything – I just rarely believe their message. The fact that I saw this movie in a packed theatre, with people watching all knowing that it’s a documentary and not a scary shark horror film and still wanting to see it, is one part of that. The content of the film itself is another.

Yes, I was as disturbed as Adam. It’s strange, lately, how we’ve switched places – at one time, he would have come out of that focussing on the positive things, however few they might be. Instead I’m the one doing that, and he’s depressed and hating humanity. I just don’t know how to handle it.

We went home in silence after a brief discussion; one where I felt useless to communicate my thoughts, either because I wasn’t saying it right or because he wasn’t listening to what I was trying to say. I gave up trying to say anything, came home, curled up on the couch and fell asleep by 9:30. He went and played Battlefield 2142. I got up again at midnight, went to see him briefly, and then crawled into bed. I have no idea when he came to bed. I was up by 8:00, however, which is somewhat nice since I have today off and I usually hate wasting my days off by sleeping. I’ll just let him sleep until he wakes up… he has today off too.

Sleep or Galactica?

I’m quite exhausted today. Adam hardly slept at all last night, and while I slept, I don’t think it was particularly restful.

Yesterday we rode up Mount Fromme to take a ride down Pipeline. In my case it was more a Hike-a-bike down pipeline. Drops on a downslope are something that I have yet to manage on a regular basis, and when the downslope is 45 degrees and steeper, and the drops a foot or more, well, that’s just asking too much really. So I mostly walked on the way down. I actually rode on the way up though – altitude gain of over 1000 metres. It’s nice to leave the camera behind sometimes and just be able to ride.

I’m kind of amazed I’m still awake, really.

On Friday I went out with my mom to go thrift store shopping. I got a pair of pants, a cute grey hat, and a dark wooden dresser set (2 pieces) for 55$. SCORE! This means I can sort out our horribly messy closet and the piles of clothes on the floor, and put clothing into drawers where it belongs. This fills me with joy that I cannot begin to explain. I haven’t had a dresser since we lived in Ontario in summer of 2004. We’re approaching summer of 2007.

Trust me, Pure Joy.

And now, more Battlestar Galactica – Best Show On TV (or in our case, DVD). Later, sleep.