Mountain Biking today!

So today we’re heading back out to Burnaby for another ride on Nicole’s trail, Burnaby Mountain. We went last week, and it was good times, but we left late in the day so I didn’t have a chance to get very many pictures – nothing on the ride down, in fact. I hope to remedy that today, assuming Sean gets here. He’s a half hour late now.

Our car is offline now – Huffy’s insurance expired and we weren’t aware of it, and because she’s been in the province for a year now we have to get her Aircare’d. Basically we can’t drive until we find the money to do that, so it’ll likely be a while. This is why we Sean has to pick us up for biking today – we can’t get to Burnaby easily with our bikes on our own. Adam’s bike barely fits into Huffy anyway, so it’s better if we don’t use our car when we go riding.

Tonight is the Barenaked Ladies concert. I have tickets with Tara; good times will be had. I haven’t seen them in a very long time, and I’m looking forward to the show. Assuming, of course, I don’t hurt myself riding today, but that’s not really likely.

My leg armour for biking is starting to fall apart – I am not impressed with that. I saw some armour at one of the shops we visited last week that was just awesome looking – marketed for girls (of course) in a lovely baby blue. You can get legs, arms and full body armour. I am seriously eyeing the legs and arms. The body armour would be great to have as well, but it’s rather pricey so I can’t really afford it yet.

Anyhow. Hopefully Sean will be here soon and we’ll get out to biking. Also hopefully I will have some pictures to post of biking later on.