ICBC is the suck

We’re basically dead broke for the next two weeks due to ICBC telling us to pay them 400$ to forget the fender bender last year happened, or face a 75% increase (that’s 1000$ a year more than we were already paying) in our insurance. So we paid them the 400$ bribe to forget I got run into last year, and paid for aircare, and paid for a day permit to get aircare, and paid for this month’s insurance (which expired in December because for some unknown reason, while they actually HAD our new address they sent the notice to our old address, so we didn’t realize it had expired.) At least Huffy’s back on the road now, and her emission levels are exceptionally low. That’s nice.

As such, we’re now eating Kraft Dinner for lunch. We’re still going to the outdoor adventure & bike show downtown with my brother today, we scrounged the cash together from stuff we found lying around the house for admission, but there is no chance we can get any of the parts we were hoping for unless we put it on a credit card.

The other reason we’re broke is that we paid off my credit card yesterday. That was 800$. It’s good to have it paid off, but damn. I’m already almost tired of the Kraft Dinner.

It’s not been a great week.