Work, mountain biking, tiredness

I’m thoroughly exhausted, and have been every night this week. Yesterday was particularly long, since I worked and then went to the David Suzuki Tour event to take photos, which was really just another type of work. It’s good, though – I’m just tired. Got home pretty late last night, and just basically went right to bed. Adam’s been in a really quiet mood, worried about his future with work and such, to the point that when I was talking with him I just couldn’t say the right things and seemed to make things worse, so I backed off. He’s playing piano now.

Work is keeping me busy, to the point that I don’t really have a free moment anymore. This is absolutely fantastic. I’m thrilled to be busy. It’s been quite possibly years since I’ve had this much to keep me occupied, and it’s all so varied that I don’t even get bored.

I think I got some great shots of the Doc while he spoke last night. He really is a passionate speaker. I’m hoping I captured some of that while I was taking photos. Raffi performed too, which was entertaining. I ended up selling my ticket to someone who really wanted to go, which was good – I didn’t have to pay to work, and someone who wanted to see the show was able to take my seat. Fortunately Chris was there to sit with Adam.

We may go biking on Sunday.

We’re also planning a big biking trip to the Chilcotins this summer. We want to do a guided tour with an outfitter, but we need one more rider to commit to going, and it’s not looking like we can get one. This makes me very sad. We can do a different trip, based out of a lodge and self-propelled, but the guided trip moving from place to place was so very appealing to me. Like a canoe trip on a bike. Plus, it looks like I might be the only girl going either way.

I’ll post some of my pictures from last night’s event once I have them edited.

Long Day

Work was challenging today. There were many angry people and they wanted very much to rail against my workplace. Being the person who answers the phone, that translates to railing against me. I know better than to take it personally, but damn it’s hard to deal with in a non-stop barrage like that. That’s what I get for working somewhere that deals with high controversy subject matter on a regular basis, and has a very vocal spokesman.

I also had over 250 emails from the weekend to sort through. That kept me busy pretty much the rest of the day when I wasn’t on the phone. They’re not done yet, but somewhat more manageable. Here’s hoping too many more don’t show up overnight.

Tomorrow evening I’m going to see one of the stops on the “If YOU Were Prime Minister” Tour myself. There’s a stop in Vancouver at the Stanley theatre, and I bought some tickets for Adam, Chris and I. Only makes sense that I should see what I’ve been working for, and what’s causing all this hubbub – positive and negative.

I’m looking forward to it.

Dayle needs a bath….

I may go looking for some cat shampoo. Dayle smells like ass. It is unpleasant.

Who wants to help me bathe Dayle? If I was still set up with a campage I could take the laptop into the bathroom and let you all watch the excitement that ensued, but alas I am not.

That’s right, folks. To keep myself busy today I am seriously entertaining the thought of bathing my cat because he smells.


Waiting for the laundry to finish…

I’m loving the weather today. There’s fresh snow on the mountains. The clouds are huge and puffy and ranging in colour from the purest white to a deep, foreboding black that just looks nasty. You can turn in every direction and see a different kind of sky. The sun’s out and blue sky, so bright it’s nearly blinding, until a cloud passes overhead and it rains for a minute and a half. The mountains disappear and reappear as the clouds pass over them and move on. It was snowing first thing this morning, but that stopped.

I went out for a short walk to get myself a London Fog. The crocuses have been blooming all week. It’s lovely.

Let’s get started ready steady go

This week has been exceptionally busy and tiring at work. That makes me happy. Being busy at work is an awesome change. There’s just so much going on that’s so very interesting…

Tonight I’m tired and feel kind of crappy. Might be because the . is about to start. Might just be that I’m exhausted. Adam’s doing some yoga, I felt queasy so decided against it. I’m off tomorrow, and trying to decide what to do with the day. It might be nice out. If it is I should go outside. It’s calling for snow and rain, though, so I’m not sure. Perhaps I’ll do yoga, go to the gym, play some guitar, find someone to have a tea with, watch some Full Metal Alchemist, write, read. I don’t know.

Everyone and my mother is doing the ‘describe me in one word’ meme. I mean it, my mother sent it to me by email. Hers I replied to. I haven’t to the rest. I find it too difficult to describe anything with one word.

On that note, please feel free to describe me in one word. Or two. Or as many as you like. Who or what do you people think I am, anyway?

Nothing day

Today I woke up at 10:11, sat at my computer, and did absolutely nothing. Well, I watched some Full Metal Alchemist episodes until Adam got home at 2:45, and I made some bread in the breadmaker, but really, that was basically nothing.

Adam came home and we walked down to Lonsdale Quay (19 blocks downhill) then turned around and walked back up the hill. Later this evening we shall do yoga again, and maybe we’ll play some NWN2. Maybe. That keeps falling through, which disappoints me because I really do want to play and I can’t play without Adam because we’re playing through it together.

So the car was off the road for a month, and I realized that I didn’t particularly miss it. This led me to thinking that maybe we don’t really need to own a car, which made me wonder how much we could sell the car for. We’d likely join the local car co-op if we did sell the car. It would save us quite a bit on insurance and maintenance and gas and so on. Huffy is a super low-emission car, as shown by her amazing Aircare pass numbers. We’ve also put a lot into keeping her running well, and repaired anything that’s ever gone wrong with her, so it’s not like she’s in bad shape, plus she’s pretty low mileage for her age…

It’s something to consider, anyhow. She’s a good little car, but really, do we need a car? I’m thinking not so much, especially if the car co-op is a viable option…

If I hide myself wherever I go am I ever really there?

The bike & adventure show was dull – not nearly as much fun as last year. There were hardly any shops there, and just overall it felt more like the tourism industry taking over all the booths rather than the gear. I’m more interested in the gear, to be honest. Oh well, it killed a good part of the day and only cost us five dollars to get in because we had a 2-for-1 ticket from NSMB.

Adam and I came home and decided to go to the gym, where I worked out on the stairmaster and a recumbent bike for forty-five minutes. We then came home and did 40 minutes of yoga with the dvd. It was nice, actually. Next time maybe I’ll try the spin bikes. Perhaps at some point I’ll get on a treadmill, although generally I really hate jogging… hurts the knees and ankles.

Now I think maybe we’ll play some NWN2, or perhaps watch Sacred Balance since I borrowed it from work like two weeks ago and haven’t even started watching it yet. I have to return it sometime soon, and I’d like to have watched it first.

I was going to go out biking with Sean tomorrow, but it looks like he’s going skiing instead. Adam has to work. It’ll likely be raining anyhow, so I guess it’s better not to go at this point.

Not sure what to do with tomorrow, now. Maybe I’ll play some guitar right now and think on that.

ICBC is the suck

We’re basically dead broke for the next two weeks due to ICBC telling us to pay them 400$ to forget the fender bender last year happened, or face a 75% increase (that’s 1000$ a year more than we were already paying) in our insurance. So we paid them the 400$ bribe to forget I got run into last year, and paid for aircare, and paid for a day permit to get aircare, and paid for this month’s insurance (which expired in December because for some unknown reason, while they actually HAD our new address they sent the notice to our old address, so we didn’t realize it had expired.) At least Huffy’s back on the road now, and her emission levels are exceptionally low. That’s nice.

As such, we’re now eating Kraft Dinner for lunch. We’re still going to the outdoor adventure & bike show downtown with my brother today, we scrounged the cash together from stuff we found lying around the house for admission, but there is no chance we can get any of the parts we were hoping for unless we put it on a credit card.

The other reason we’re broke is that we paid off my credit card yesterday. That was 800$. It’s good to have it paid off, but damn. I’m already almost tired of the Kraft Dinner.

It’s not been a great week.

Do you believe we are all innately good?

I’m really struggling with feeling sorry for myself right now. That is to say, I’m feeling sorry for myself and pretending that I’m not. Except I’m pretty bad at that sort of pretending.

Friends keep moving away. I don’t have a lot of friends. Other friends keep saying they’re going to move here, then not doing so, to the point that I no longer think about the concept because it’s likely not going to happen, and even if it does it’s a far away thing. Except Ian & Kim who say they’re moving here this spring or summer. I think they’ll follow through.

Well anyhow. They have their reasons to move, and none of it has anything to do with me, but that doesn’t make me feel less sad. I’ve been feeling rather lonely lately, and this exodus is just adding to that. And so I sit here feeling sorry for myself. Soon it’ll just be me and Adam and Chris and Jinni on Friday nights. And Jinni refuses to play Munchkin.

Anyhow. I’m feeling sorry for myself. I suck at making friends. I suck at maintaining friendships. I’m terrible at parties and meeting people. I’m perpetually convinced that no one really wants to spend time with me because I’m boring or I’m bad at conversation or something. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. I’m just feeling sorry for myself.

Weekend posting

Friday I sat around doing nothing and trying to recover from the cold to be at my best for Saturday.

Saturday we got together with Chris, grabbed our bikes, and went riding on the same trail as the last two Saturdays – that’s three Saturdays in a row riding the same trail. Since generally we never make it back to the same trail three times in a season, I think this was particularly good for me. While I spent the entire push up the hill thoroughly exhausted and coughing and stuff, by the time we got to the top I was pretty much resigned. The ride down, however, was just fantastic – every time we ride Nicole’s trail I get a little better at it, a little quicker, and I ride a lot more of the trail than I did the last time. This ride was no exception – I think it might have been the best I’ve ridden in a very long time. It was a good feeling. I think if we go back there a couple of more times, I might be able to manage almost the whole trail (except a couple of really sharp switchbacks, I’m not sure I know the right way to ride those without tossing myself off a cliff.)

At any rate, although I was still a little sick and very exhausted from yesterday’s ride, it was a good time and I’m feeling a lot better about my riding.

After the biking we went back to Mom’s place with Chris, where we sat in the hot tub, stayed for dinner, and watched a few episodes of Numbers. We then headed home (Chris had to drop us off there, and he spent the night) where we just sat around playing SSX On Tour until we couldn’t keep our eyes open anymore.

Woke up this morning with a headache; I blame the exertions from yesterday and/or the rapid shift in weather. Yesterday it was sunny and nearly 15 degrees Celcius. Today it was pouring rain and miserable out. So we stayed in and I played a Neverwinter Nights 2 Module of Pool of Radiance. We just came back from Blockbuster, where we rented the first two dvds for Battlestar Galactica. We’ll be watching some of that tonight.

Dayle is lying on my lap all cozy and happy, his front paws resting on my laptop just next to the touchpad. Sometimes he likes to play with the touchpad, most likely because he knows he’s not supposed to.