Slept since 8am, and more to come

Well that settles it, I’m sick. Not the kind of stay at home sick where you can watch tv and play video games to pass the time, no, the kind of sick where you drift in an out of hazy consciousness wondering if you’re going to feel better next time you wake up and knowing that you’re not. The kind of sick where standing up is an ordeal in dizziness and pounding headaches. The kind of sick that causes me to just glance in the direction of an unfamiliar and destructive sound most likely being caused by Dayle, without even saying his name or investigating in any way, shape or form.

I would take some dayquil but Adam finished the package off and I can’t fathom the effort it would take right now to go get some from the London Drugs across the street. Yeesh. That’s just pathetic. I will, however, attempt to err on the side of caution instead of bravery and wait it out for Adam to come home from work.

I may stay home from work tomorrow as well, if this keeps up.