I am beginning to really love my Fridays off alone at home. I wake when I want or need to. I go for a nice walk in the rain or the sunshine, whichever it may be (today was sunshine.) I do some laundry if it’s needed. I do things for myself that I don’t like to do when Adam’s home, like read my cards or do some writing or just sit and think about things. I play some guitar. I might go to the rec centre and work out, or do a yoga tape, or maybe I’ll just sit here in my apartment and play some games – Sims 2, Drakengard, whatever. Eventually I’ll get DDR (yes… I’ve become hooked…) and play that.

I’m not sure what we’re doing tonight. Staying home for sure, but maybe Chris and Jinni will come by and we’ll play munchkin or something. Mmm haven’t played munchkin in ages.

Well now I’ve been delaying doing something for about half an hour. Must decide what to do with the remainder of my afternoon.

A poll, perhaps.