Day 1

First day of the year. Exhausted from travelling, flying, staying up till midnight last night which felt like 3am, and just generally being moody. I wonder if the moody is a result of the exhaustion, or if it stands alone. I can’t tell. Our flight back was uneventful, in comparison to the volatile flight we had to Toronto two and a half weeks ago. We got to see both Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier from above the clouds, which was very neat. Rainier’s big.

I was given an old Palm m125 which I have now synched with my Outlook. It may prove to be useful in conjunction with the scavenger hunt I’m about to talk about.

I’ve decided to do a photo scavenger hunt that a flickr group I joined does. It should be interesting. I’d start tonight but I’m tired and don’t want to move. Instead I think I shall go start dinner.

For a first day of the year it’s been quiet, mellow, and I’ve been in a strange mood. I think I’m anxious to get some time alone on transit, and I’m glad to be going back into a regular schedule. I’ll have to make an appointment with my doctor to try and work out the Migraines thing. It’s time for life to continue.