Bedroom reclamation has begun!

Tonight we installed a new phone jack in the busted one in the living room. This enabled us to move the phone, wireless router, and DSL modem out of the bedroom where they were lying in a mess of cables next to the bed for the past year. Slowly I will turn our bedroom into a bedroom.

Right now the bedroom has literally one piece of furniture: our bed. There is a close with clothing hanging in it and more clothing stacked on the shelf above, but there is more clothing than shelf and hanging space. Most of the clothes are in baskets around the room. I hate it. I want desperately a classic style wooden bedroom set, preferably in a red or dark wood (not light coloured.) I want two night tables, a short and long dresser, and maybe a taller narrower dresser as well. I also want a headboard.

Moving the phone stuff out of the bedroom was the first step. The rest shall follow. I will be watching Craigslist closely…

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  • mindexplodes

    January 11, 2007 at 7:53 am

    hahaha i think it’s funny how subconshiously we sometimes do things at the same time. well this and one other time. i am also redecorating my bedroom. WEIRD.

    i just remember this one time when you me and Karen got together and had all just gotten a similar short haircut. but i think that was like….7 years ago…

    still weird thoguh