Because beginning of the year posts are all the rage today… 

I’m hopping on the bandwagon to blog about the year’s end, the year’s beginning, and whatever falls through the cracks. What harm could it possibly do?

End of year rituals have never really been something that I ascribed to. Occasionally I would think about the idea of making resolutions, but rarely if ever did I get around to making them. Sometimes I considered the new year as being the start of a new chapter, but it never really amounted to anything, and I never consolidated the feeling as reality. My new chapters have always been linked to my location either of my home or my work.

I have spent time with those who felt strongly about the new year – I had a roommate once who convinced me that the new year was to be a ‘Me Year,’ but it felt a bit strange to me. I never really got into it like she did. I guess it wasn’t my thing.

And so last night Adam, my brother Chris, his girlfriend Jinni, and our friend Glen stayed up until midnight. Barely. Adam fell asleep on the couch at 10:30, so I woke him up right before the clock switched over. We watched the TV countdown then listened to the cracks and pops outside as people lit up the streets with roman candles. Five minutes past midnight, Jinni drove home, Adam and I went to sleep, and Glen and Chris crashed in the living room. Aren’t we exciting?

The odd thing, I find, is that when I was a kid I loved to watch the day turn over. If I was awake late at night (which was often, I couldn’t sleep early nights well even as a kidlet,) I would make a point to watch my digital clock turn from 11:59 to 12:00. It was an exciting moment for me, although if asked I couldn’t have told you why. I still don’t entirely know. I can’t remember feeling that way for new year’s, though.

Not that I don’t like renewal and the beginning of things – I love it. I love it on my own terms, I think. It’s that stubborn streak in me, not wanting to be told when I should make changes, when I should resolve things, when I should feel renewed.

Just as an aside, if you had asked me a few years ago if I was stubborn I would have (stubbornly) said no, of course not, not at all. I would have been wrong, however.

So the year begins and I barely caught it through travel exhaustion. I plan to change my lightbulbs to all energy efficient (barring the ones inside fixtures that won’t fit.) I plan to take courses. I plan to work out. I plan to learn more about tea because I love it so. I plan to make a blanket, or at least try. I plan to take pictures. I plan to travel. I plan to swim. I plan to kayak. I plan to ski. I plan to hurl myself down mountains on my bike. I plan to bike commute to work. I plan to make necklaces. Oh how many plans I have!

Will they all come to fruition? Maybe. Or maybe not. But whatever happens, I will have a fun year, because I love where I am right now literally, figuratively, emotionally, and mentally, and really, what more could I ask for?

Right at this moment my iTunes decided that Amazing Grace performed by Ani Difranco was the song to play. It’s perfect.

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  • mindexplodes

    January 11, 2007 at 8:06 am

    happy new year an such?

    tea is gross. but i admire your willingness to actually make resolutions. i like the concept…but i can never think of anything. This year i will complete the fort/smoking hut in the woods. i will send you pictures. and it will be glorious.