It’s a lot like life

Song stuck in my head.

At work this week we launched David Suzuki’s Cross Canada If YOU were Prime Minister Tour. His first stop is in Newfoundland, tomorrow. It’s pretty exciting, really. Things have been exceptionally busy because of it. Naturally, it’s all very exciting and chaotic.

I am becoming extremely knowledgeable about environmental issues in Canada. Can’t seem to help it. Not that I’m complaining…

A music-on-shuffle meme

While I await the towels in the dryer to finish, I will do a meme. And then I’ll go out and do something with the afternoon. Dayle escaped out the sliding door to chase birds. It is true.

1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question.

1. What does the next year have in store for me?
One Day I’ll Fly Away – Nicole Kidman (Moulin Rouge)

2. What is my love life like?
Original Oddstep (Revised by Grand Unified)

3. What do I say when life gets hard?
Window – Fiona Apple

4. What do I think about when I get up in the morning?
Shotgun – Duran Duran (yeah, I’m not a morning person.)

5. What song will I dance to at my wedding?
(wait, I’m already married…. but anyway…) Gravedigger (Acoustic) – Dave Matthews

6. What do you want as a career?
Desert Train – Kimmie Rhodes

7. Your favorite saying?
When Doves Cry – Barenaked Ladies

8. Favorite place?
Better off as we Are – Blue Rodeo (hey, I do love North Vancouver…)

9. What do you think of your parents?
Prelude in D-flat Major, Op. 28 No. 15: “Raindrop Prelude” – Richard Tilling, piano

10. Where would you go on a first date?
Unbelievable – EMF (this is a place?? also, still married.)

11. Describe yourself?
Wouldn’t it be good – Danny Hutton Hitters

12. What is the thing I like doing most?
Unfinished Sympathy – Massive Attack

13. What is my state of mind like at the moment?
Tranquility Base – Bryan Weirmier

14. How will I die?
Surrender – Evanescence

15. What do you do when you see your friends?
Disenchanted – My Chemical Romance

16. How does your boyfriend/girlfriend (husband!) make you feel?
Everyone’ll Let you Down – Philosopher Kings (wow. that’s harsh. seriously. I don’t feel that way.)

17. How does your ex make you feel?
Don’t get your back up – Sarah Harmer – All right, the thing about this one is… it was THE song that I associated with the breakup with Jay, my last ex before Adam. I listened to it frequently. It described how I felt about the entire situation. Every time I hear this song I think about breaking up with Jay. That’s just nutty.

18. If you were to die today, what you would feel like?
Dreams – The Corrs


I am beginning to really love my Fridays off alone at home. I wake when I want or need to. I go for a nice walk in the rain or the sunshine, whichever it may be (today was sunshine.) I do some laundry if it’s needed. I do things for myself that I don’t like to do when Adam’s home, like read my cards or do some writing or just sit and think about things. I play some guitar. I might go to the rec centre and work out, or do a yoga tape, or maybe I’ll just sit here in my apartment and play some games – Sims 2, Drakengard, whatever. Eventually I’ll get DDR (yes… I’ve become hooked…) and play that.

I’m not sure what we’re doing tonight. Staying home for sure, but maybe Chris and Jinni will come by and we’ll play munchkin or something. Mmm haven’t played munchkin in ages.

Well now I’ve been delaying doing something for about half an hour. Must decide what to do with the remainder of my afternoon.

A poll, perhaps.

Save me from a Villainous imagination

I got Adam to pick up a yoga dvd from his work. We’ve now gone through the dvd twice, once on Sunday and again this evening after work. We rather need a second yoga mat – our floor is not good for yoga without one. The palms of my hands are killing me. I think he’s enjoying the yoga though. Or at least not hating it, and that’s something.

Huffy has been in the shop since Friday. Something about a part for they power steering pump they needed not coming in on Saturday, getting re-ordered, then not making it in until this morning sometime. They have apparently fixed the issue (also known as the hideous noise coming from under the hood – likely demons) and given huffy an oil change and general tune-up. $400 later and we’re thinking about grounding huffy for a while for bad behaviour.

Adam’s work is currently kind of weird. He’s on these contracts that last a week, three weeks, a month, etc., and in between getting sent back to his job at the service centre. He’s becoming very frustrated with being shuffled around from place to place where he’s useful, without anyone really committing to giving him a real full time position. I think his work might have commitment issues, and really all he wants is someone to go steady with…

I haven’t been good at listening the past couple of weeks. I’m going to work on that.

I quit being self-sacrificing and went ahead and got a ticket to the BNL show on Feb. 2nd. Enough with the telling Adam he can buy games and then feeling guilty for wanting to spend money on a ticket that I really, really want. We went to the Billy Talent / Rise Against / Anti-flag / Moneen show last week, and being in that arena full of punk bands and teenagers full of that energy that only comes from seeing a band you love made me want desperately to go see one of my bands. I do like Billy Talent, but the shows where I know the words to every song – those bring me to a place of joy that I can’t really explain.

The most interesting thing for me personally about the Billy Talent show is the impact that absorbing all that energy has on me. I’m a sponge for emotions, and I have been for as long as I can remember. In an arena where a huge crowd is feeling so much of the same emotion, it has the most amazing effect on me – I got overwhelmed over and over again as waves of that energy hit me in full force. It was enough to make me cry, over and over again. I kept having to hide and pretend I had something in my eye to get rid of another tear. It wasn’t a sad thing, not at all… just an overflow of passion and positive energy that I couldn’t contain.

It’s addictive. I want more. I’m listening now.

Sesame Street Meme? Sure, why not?

You Are Big Bird

Talented, smart, and friendly… you’re also one of the sanest people around.

You are usually feeling: Happy. From riding a unicycle to writing poetry, you have plenty of hobbies to keep you busy.

You are famous for: Being a friend to everyone. Even the grumpiest person gets along with you.

How you life your life: Joyfully. “Super. Duper. Flooper.”

Okay, I have a real entry bubbling around in my brain like soup. It may be ready soon.

Movie Thoughts

Pan’s Labyrinth – absolutely amazing. Immersive, beautiful, painful, and memorable. Don’t bring kids under 13, or squeamish adults.
Thank you for Smoking – rented this one. Entertaining, funny look at spin.
An Inconvenient Truth – See this movie. It’s extremely well put together, and not preachy like I worried it might be. It is the documentary to see, rather timely considering things as they are these days. We bought it and have watched it twice, and have since lent it out.

Want to see:
Reign over Me – Adam Sandler in a serious role, in a film that looks particularly good judging by the one preview I’ve seen.
The Namesake – Saw this preview before Pan’s Labyrinth. In the first five seconds was put off by the preview, but within the next ten seconds I suddenly really wanted to see this movie.
Children of Men – I like future dystopia movies. This one looks good.

While surfing through the movie-list site looking for the links to the above movies, I found the info for the Celestine Prophecy Movie. I totally forgot they were making a movie for that book. I wonder if it was any good, or if it ever came out? eh. Don’t care that much I guess.

Brain Candy

So I went to the doctor’s office this morning, and he prescribed me with something to prevent my migraines. I came home and read up on this wonder drug, and I am absolutely terrified of trying it. Seriously. The migraines sound like a better option.

Maybe I just overreact, but messing with brain chemistry has long been something that I hesitate to do, especially after my stint on the prozac so quickly prescribed to me back in college. That stuff left me numb and without meaning for a long while. Sure, it helped me realize I had to leave my boyfriend at the time for the sake of my own well-being, but beyond that it was a strange and disconnected experience for me – one I would prefer not to have again.

This stuff I was prescribed today is an anti-seizure medication. It most definitely messes with your brain chemistry, and they don’t really know why it works for seizures or for migraines. Side effects can include weight loss, memory problems, sluggishness, and a general feeling of stupidity and slowness – as if your brain isn’t working properly. I quite like my brain most of the time, when it’s not assaulting me from the inside. Even then, I’d rather not beat it into submission by making myself stupid.

As such, right now I’m hesitant to try the stuff. It’s a preventative, which means take it every day, upping the dosage after two weeks, and so on. You can’t just stop using it, either, you have to wean yourself off it. Kind of scary. It’s also used as an anti-depressant, but they don’t know why it works.

Not sure I wanna be a hamster, even a painfully cute one.