Refortifying my skin’s moisture…

Okay not really.

So yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment, where I showed him my weird rash on my calf. He gave me a couple of creams to try on it, and if they don’t work then we’ll biopsy it. I like watching biopsies. Almost hope we end up having to do that. (Yeah, weird I know.)

I also told him how my headache tracking program went – gave him a full rundown on the frequency, how they affect me, what can trigger them, and the things I’ve tried to make them not come (like hydrating myself, which didn’t work.)

His conclusion is one of two things: Migraines or Muscle spasm headaches. He gave me a medication to try the next time I feel one coming on, and I’m to let him know if it works or not. That will help rule out one or the other.

Not that I really want to join the migraine sufferers club, but at least if we can figure out what it is he can treat me for it. Having brutal headaches for 4 or five days every week is just getting old.

Dear ipod fairy: I would welcome an 80gb visit.